More Books + Video

Once I got home from work and MacWorld, I return my videos to the city library and borrowed more books:

– Jeff Cox’s 100 Greatest Garden Ideas by (duh?) Jeff Cox
– Who Named the Daisy? Who Named the Rose? by Mary Durant
– Apartment 3-A Mariposa St. by Fanny A. Garcia (a short book written in Tagalog)

I also got two more videos:

– Yardening: How to Grow & Nurture Seedling
– Yardening: How to Grow Cool-Weather Vegetables

Both in the Yardening series with Jeff Ball

MacWorld San Francisco 2006 + Non-gardening Photos on Flickr

I was able to leave work early to go to the MacWorld San Francisco 2006 Expo. The new Intel Mac look pretty impressive, but I don’t want to get one just yet, since it’s still in it’s infancy. I want iLife ’06 and the new version of EyeTV, though.

After the expo, as I walked over to the casual carpool line, I snapped photos. In addition to plant photos, I also like snapping up numbers, urinals, fire hydrants and street art (i.e. posters, graffiti, stickers, etc.). I don’t really post these photos, but think I should.

My “paid” Flickr account just contains plant and gardening related photos, but I think I will start using it for the above mentioned photos as well as friends, family and work photos, since I don’t want to buy another “separate” Flickr account. I’m going to stew this over and decide later. I’m going to continue to make this LiveJournal mostly plant and gardening specific though, with a few daily life thoughts here and there.

Free Permanent Account

I got this info from plantgirl, who got it from waterowl, and so on and so on…

jpallan is giving away a permanent account. So, if you feel inclined to nominate me (or anyone else), go to this link for details.

…and that’s spelled, joeysplanting :)

…and did I mention how lovely you look today :)

Seed Purchases

I had some time to kill at work and did some seed shopping online:

I ordered these Asian herbs and veggie at Evergreen Seeds:

Large Leaf Korean Perilla – Coleus-like Perilla with a unique flavor between mint and basil
Tia To Vietnamese Perilla – Green color leaves with purplish red on the back
Red Stripe Leaf Amaranth – Edible large green leaves with red stripes
All Red Edible Amaranth – Edible all red leaves
Mino Early Daikon Radish – A long-time Japanese Daikon Radish favorite
Smooth Beauty Luffa – Light green skinned edible Luffa
Maiko Garland Chrysanthemum – Edible Asian Greens
Thai Lemon Basil – Thai Hoary Basil

I also ordered these hard-to-find and usual plants at Amishland Heirloom Seeds:

Strawberry Spinach – (Chenopodium capitatum) Spinach and Strawberries in one
Sikkim Cucumber – (Cucumis sativus var. sikkimensis) Cantaloupe-like Cucumber
Brandywine OTV Tomato – A sub variety of the famous Brandywine Tomato
Scarlet Chinese Eggplant – (Solanum integrifolium) Miniature Pumpkins-like fruits
Great White Tomato – Big white Beefsteaks