Mongero Garden Plant Sale…

About two weeks ago, my Mom and Brother came home and were so excited to tell me about a house near downtown Vallejo that was having a plant sale. “A house” I wondered… I thought it was something like a garage sale with plants, but as they told me more and more about the various plants they seen, I because so curious… After eating lunch, I took my camera and headed there.

This house is owned by Tony Mongero, a local landscaper located on 225 El Dorado Street in Vallejo, California.

Mongero Garden Plant Sale Mongero Garden Front Yard Entrance

He loves to grow plants… and it shows. I was so surprised at all the wonderful plants, many which are not sold at the big chain home improvement stores. I never seens some of the plants except in TV shows and online.

Pitcher Plants Hibiscus? Mongero Garden

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You can see more photo in my Flickr set “Mongero Garden

Tony told me that he has plants sales about once a month and puts up sign around the area (which is how my Brother discovered the place). He also says that people are free to come in anytime he is in the garden and his gate is open. You can also call ahead of time and ask if you can come over. So if you go, tell him you heard of his garden through me :)

Here’s his flyer with more information and contact details.

San Francisco Botanical Garden…

  • 8:38am San Francisco Botanical Garden’s first general plants sale of the year today from 10am-1pm > #
  • 11:07am Heading to SF Botanical Garden to take some photos… #
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  • 11:01pm Just a few of the plants I purchased from @AnniesAnnuals :) #

Weekend Gardening

I thought I would be doing a lot of gardening this weekend, but there was actually not much to do. Surprisingly, the weather was warm… even after the rains we got mid-week.

I transfered about 18 Spinach seedlings from 2 six-packs into 3 inch pots.

The Bok Choy and Lettuce that I planted to replace the ones that were eaten are sprouting… and the Swiss Chard that were spared are getting bigger now.

Hopefully, we’ll have a lot of greens for the Fall, Winter and Spring.

The Sweet Peas and Snap Peas are also sprouting, but I won’t plat them in the bed until they get a little bigger, since they seems to be favorites of the birds and slugs.

I potted up a succulent (I think it’s some type of Kalanchoe) that has been growing from a leaf. I’ll have to post photos later, to see if anyone can identify it.

On Sunday, I took my mom to do some grocery shopping at the Filipino store, then we stopped by the 99ยข store and I found 2 more Cactus (actually one is a Euphorbia, so technically, 1 cactus)… I’ll post photos later.

Oh, I also forgot that on Friday afternoon, I took a late lunch and walked up Filbert Steps again to shot a few photos.

Filbert Steps / Telegraph Hill (Part 2)

Here are a few photos from my Flickr photo set entitled
Filbert Steps, San Francisco (May 2006)“.

(This one if for patchoullijulie)

Hark, Who Goes There?
Hark, Who Goes There?

Unknown Blue Flowers
Unknown Blue Flowers

Unknown Plant Flowers
Unknown Plant Flowers

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Here’s Part 1 from April (26 photos)

Telegraph Hill + Lens + Coleus Pots

Today (Tuesday), I ate lunch at my desk, but later it was a little slow, so I decided to walk around. I went up Telegraph Hill again, but it was a lot warmer than my previous hike, so I was panting… I took a couple of photos including a massive clump of that mystery weed I’ve been wanting to ID… I also found it’s flowers. I’ll post those later. I also saw a Passiflora that seemed to just be growing wild on the hillside. I don’t think I got a clear shot of it though.

When I got home I got the package of the Telephoto and Wide-angle Lens… I was very pleased with the company because they also upgraded my shipping to two day air for free and included a free Lens Conversion Adaptor, a free Mini Tripod, a free Lens Cleaner (Solution, Tissue and Cloth), a free Brush/Blower and free Packing Popcorn! All this for the price of two lens which was about $30 each. I think the deserve an A+!!!

There was a little bit of light, so I planted a few Coleus pots.
Coleus pot #11: 2 ‘Kong Scarlet’ cutting (from last year) + 2 ‘Kong Hybrid’ seedlings (seeds I harvested last year)
Coleus pot #12: ‘Joey’ (He deserves a pot of his own)

I noticed that a few of the remaining Coleus (that I haven’t potted up) are quite leggy and infected with more mealy bugs!!! I think I will have to decapitate these and reroot them. I took a look at some of the others that were already potted and I think I will have to do the same.

Sandpiper Point

Before being attacked by the pit bull (see previous entry), I took these photos at Sandpiper Point (Vallejo, CA)

Sunset Through the Weeds   Lounge Area

There were a lot of plants and flowers that I didn’t know. I especially like the middle yellow flower with the fuzzy white foliage.

Unknown Flower   Unknown Flower   Unknown Flower

two more

Filbert Steps…

This morning, my coworker Ed invited me to go with him up the Filbert Steps on Telegraph Hill (San Francisco), which is just 2 blocks away from my work. So at lunchtime, we started our trek, well equiped with our cameras.

I was amazed at the beauty of the gardens along the steps. (Am I sounding gay here?)The homeowners there must have buku bucks, because those propeties have such a lovely view.

We eventually ended up at the Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill. I didn’t realize how close Coit Tower is to my work.

Click on any of the following photos to view my flickr photo set entitled “Filbert Steps, San Francisco (April 2006)” containing 26 photos.

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WonderCon + More Seedlings

I spent the day (Saturday) in San Francisco with my friend Howie and we went to Comic-Con International’s WonderCon in the new Moscone Center West. There were all types of comics, sci-fi stuff (Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, etc.), anime, video and toys. I bought a couple of toys which I’ll bring to work and use for ideas for the garden. I’ll post photos and explain my ideas later.

When I got home, I found that two more seedlings have emerged:

– Coleus ‘Tilt-A-Whirl’
– Eggplant ‘Scarlet Chinese’