Filbert Steps / Telegraph Hill (Part 2)

Here are a few photos from my Flickr photo set entitled
Filbert Steps, San Francisco (May 2006)“.

(This one if for patchoullijulie)

Hark, Who Goes There?
Hark, Who Goes There?

Unknown Blue Flowers
Unknown Blue Flowers

Unknown Plant Flowers
Unknown Plant Flowers

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Here’s Part 1 from April (26 photos)

Filbert Steps…

This morning, my coworker Ed invited me to go with him up the Filbert Steps on Telegraph Hill (San Francisco), which is just 2 blocks away from my work. So at lunchtime, we started our trek, well equiped with our cameras.

I was amazed at the beauty of the gardens along the steps. (Am I sounding gay here?)The homeowners there must have buku bucks, because those propeties have such a lovely view.

We eventually ended up at the Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill. I didn’t realize how close Coit Tower is to my work.

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White Strawberries?

Hi Gardening Friends :) I have so much to post, but I’m so sleepy so I’m just going to share two photos of some Japanese Anemone seeds I found. Don’t they look like white strawberries?

Japanese Anemone seeds   Japanese Anemone seeds

These were found next to the KGO-TV building in San Francisco and were ready to be blown away. I’m planning to see if they will grow in the spring.

I’ll write more from work tomorrow.

4 Tid Bits…

For Christmas, one of my best friends, Michael, gave me Tulips in this cool little pot. The Tulips are emerging and now about 1 inch tall.

Sprouting Tulips

I found this near the area where I found the seedling from a few day ago. I think they are Pine Nuts. Can anyone confirm? I planted them and we’ll see if they grow.

Pine Nuts?

My co-worker’s Zygocactus is dropping its leaves. She was going to throw the broken pieces away, so I yelled “NO!!!”… and she gave it to me. Yet another propagation project.

Broken Zygocactus

After work, I passed by Target and saw these Terra Cotta Pots that I thought were cool. They are different than your standard Terra Cotta Pot. They measure 4 inch wide by 3.5 inch tall and cost 79 cents each. (3 cents more than all 600 bulbs my brother got yesterday)

Terra Cotta Pots

Baby Seedling…

As I was taking a break from work, I went to check if Mr. Dandelion was still under the tree on the sidewalk on The Embarcadero (San Francisco). I was surprised to see the seedling below. I’m not sure what it is, but it looks like a pine tree seedling.

Baby Seedling

Mr. Dandelion was gone, by the way.

I then thought, if the landscaper were to see it, they would just pull it out like a weed… so I pulled it up as carefully as I could, to plant in a pot. I kinda snapped the root, so I’m not sure if it’ll make it, but I guess we’ll see…

Pretty Weeds

As I was taking a break at work. I noticed this this spent Dandelion flower under a tree on the sidewalk (The Embarcadero/Levi’s Plaza Park, San Francisco). Luckily, I was carrying my camera and I snapped up this photo:

Spent Dandelion Flower
Spent Dandelion Flower

I then noticed more weeds.

Unknown Weeds
Unknown Weeds   Unknown Weeds

Anyone know what these two weeds are?

Right before writing this entry, I responded to comment about one of my older Oxalis photos. I then remembered that I had another photo of light purple Oxalis that grow as weed in our cactus and succulent pots. I just leave them and enjoy there added color.

Pretty Oxalis Flowers
Pretty Oxalis Flowers

Earthworm Rescue

While I was on break, I noticed 3 earthworms stuck in a puddle of water on the street. Lifting them with a pine needle, I safely returned them to the grass where they should be… There’s my good deed for the day… now back to being mean and nasty!

Ornamental Grass + Seeds

As I was walking with some co-workers to Taco Bell for lunch, I saw an Ornamental Grass on the corner of Drumm and Washington in San Francisco with seeds ready to pop out. They were calling out, “Joey, take me… take me home!!!”… so I did. I’m not sure what variety it is, but I took a photo of the plant if anyone can figure out what it is. I’ll try to plant these in the spring and see what come out.

Found Ornamental Grass Seeds + Plant
Ornamental Grass Seeds   Ornamental Grass

When I got home, I remembered other seeds I collected in the summer.

2 Ornamental Grass Seeds + an Unknown Tropical Fruit Seeds photos