Joel’s Cube on FourSquare…

FourSquare I just ousted moucri as the mayor of Joel’s Cube on @foursquare!

Arnel Pineda…

It was a busy day at work… and I’m starting to get a little stressed with a web site project that switched from simple to a little more complicated… plus our Studio Manager is still out on jury duty!… I wish they would hurry up with the trial already!

After work, I picked up my friend Darwin and we headed to his place. AJ was at his place and we all headed to the Pacific East Mall to have dinner at Daimo Chinese Restaurant.

As we were looking over the menu. AJ asked me and Darwin is the person sitting at the next table was Arnel Pineda (current lead singer for Journey). We looked over and he really did look like him. The group he was with kept taking photos so we were pretty sure it was him. At one point, Darwin waved and smiled and Arnel did the same… so I glanced over again and smiled and also waved… Me and AJ wanted to take a photo with him, but were to nervous/shy to ask… until both our tables were finished with dinner.

AJ wasn’t getting up to ask, so I got up the nerve and walk over to him and politely asked if he was Arnel Pineda. He was really nice and said yes… then I asked if we can take a photo with him… He agreed and someone at the table called over Darwin and AJ to squeeze together and take a photo.

Our New Friend Arnel Pineda

I asked Arnel what he was doing here and he mentioned that he’s recording an album… I asked it it was for Journey or solo and he said Journey… So we thanked him and his family with big smiles :)

Thanks Arnel :) Here’s Arnel Web Site

After dinner, we went back to Darwin’s and went over some of his contracts that he’s looking over for a new condo he’s buying… He sure did talk for a long time on the phone with his realtor…

Gardening at Work…

Mango Progress… It looks so cute!

Mango Progress (April 20, 2010)

I planted the Mango as well as the sprouting Variegated Corn and Purple Majesty Millet (G2) into larger pots.

I accidentally snapped the tip of the Mango root and hope that it’ll be okay.

Potted Up

Planting at Work

At Work…

10:39am I just became the mayor of Priority Parking Lot (Pier 15 & 17) on @foursquare!

12:35pm Labeling 200 CDs… and watching Modern Family on Hulu to keep me sane :)

12:54pm Yeay!!! Fish & Chips!!! (@ Levi’s Cafeteria)


8:12pm 03-17-10 #


Rainy Day…

8:55am On my way to work and I’m already thinking about Fish & Chips!!! I sure hope they are serving it in the cafeteria today… #

9:03am My casual carpool driver just put on a Mariah Carey song… Oh my gosh, get me out of here!!!! This is torture!!! I Can’t Wait to Hate You. #

11:04am iPad adds a screen rotation lock!!! I hope the new iPhones will have this too :: from @tuaw: #

1:43pm A friend is IM’ing me about Kung Fu Tacos… They look good!!! :: :: #kungfutacos #

2:39pm Watching the rain outside the big window near my cubicle #


6:40pm Cold wrinkley toes have I… #

8:49pm was Seafood Citying and Food4Lessing… Still not home yet… and my toes are still wet and wrinkley (but just the right ones)… #

Vevo + Charice Remixers…

12:16pm Creating a video playlist on Vevo for the video display in our lobby at work… #

2:03pm Oh wow… Charice got some big name remixers for her new single: Barry Harris, Jonathan Peters and Dave Aude. iTunes: #


  • 1:42pm Really crispy Fish and Chips with Asian Slaw… Yummy! #
  • 2:24pm Email from facilities manager: Yes, the toiler water is brown. It’s been reported and it has to do with the sewer work. It’s “normal”…. #
  • 6:38p Work has sadly changed to feeling very corporate :( We were asked to take down stuff from the former studio wall… Goodbye Chris’ heads :( #
  • 7:13p I think they’re filming something near our work, cuz there’s many hot rods revving thru the streets with a camera crew & bright lights… #