What’s Joey Eating?…

Last night, I was laying in bed and an idea popped into my head. I want to take daily photos of what I eat… but I want keep the photos separate from my main Flickr or Twitter account… so I searched for an iPhone app that I can use for this purpose and I found one called Eatwit.

Eatwit is an iPhone app that allows you to record what you eat and take a photo(s) and include information like a description, rating, fullness, calories, bill and location. Then you can post that to Twitter or Facebook. I also created a new Twitter account: joeyseating that I will use specifically for this purpose. One thing I like about this app is that the images are posted to a separate server so I don’t have to store it on my Instagram or Flickr account… I can just look it up on Twitter.

I’ll see how I like this… I may change my mind later and use another photo app that is more Instagram-like… be we’ll see…

Update: I changed my strategy… Instead of using Eatwit, I will now using Instaplus which has photo effects like Instragram. I can either snap a photo directly with Instaplus or load it from my camera library. After making adjustments, I can send it back to the camera library then use the iPhone’s built-in Twitter integration to send the photo to Twitter.

What's Joey Eating?

I like this approach better because the photos are higher resolution (compared to Eatwit, which downsizes the photos) and the photos are also better intergrated with Twitter. You can easily view the photo without going to a separate site and you can see a thumbnail of it under “recent images” on the sidebar. The process handles the image storage and stores the images to Photobucket.

What can I say… I’m a geek!

28°F + Citrus Turkey Brine…


28°F is really cold for Vallejo. I think I’m going to bust out my thermals before going out to the garden” 

Citrus Turkey Brine

“I feel like a Mad Scientist as I make this Citrus Turkey Brine (vs Good Eats Brine) concoction” 

Homemade Palak Paneer with Zuchinni and Red Pepper…

I wanted to make one of my favorite Indian dishes called Panak Paneer, which is Spinach and Paneer Cheese in a Curry sauce. I’ve purchase the pre-made packages from Trader Joe’s, but my Mom and other people in my family can’t really eat it, because it’s too spicy, so I wanted to try to make a mild version of it. I didn’t have much of the ingredients like the ground coriander and garam malasa, but I improvised.

Palak Paneer

My recipe is loosely based on this recipes from allrecipes.com:
Absolutely Perfect Palak Paneer

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Planting, Harvesting and Cooking…

12:48pm I’m cutting down the Kohlrabi that has bolted and I saw the first Aphids this year… Dangit!

12:58pm The Bumble Bees are going crazy of our Borage flowers!

7:35pm Planted 8 squares in veggie bed #3: White Russian Kale, Redbor (G2) Kale, Swiss Chard and Green Arrow Snap Peas

8 Squares Planted

7:39pm Harvested some Red Russian Kale, Dwarf Blue Curled Kale and Snap Peas

Harvested Kale

Harvested Snap Pea

I made Kale Soup with the Kale that I harvested today.

I used this recipe as a base: http://champaign-taste.blogspot.com/2007/11/portuguese-kale-soup.html

Kale Soup

11:22pm The Hybrid Thai Lemon Basil is sprouting…

Sprouts + Harvest…

6:44pm White Russian Kale, Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce and Broccoli Raab are sprouting… #

First Snap Peas Harvest

Harvested Kale & Swiss Chard

7:19pm Harvested a basket of Red Russian Kale, Dinosaur Kale and Swiss Chard… plus a handful of Snap Peas#

I cooked it up with Sardines, Garlic, Onion, Lemon and Soy Sauce…

Kale & Swiss Chard with Sardines

Rainy Day…

8:55am On my way to work and I’m already thinking about Fish & Chips!!! I sure hope they are serving it in the cafeteria today… #

9:03am My casual carpool driver just put on a Mariah Carey song… Oh my gosh, get me out of here!!!! This is torture!!! I Can’t Wait to Hate You. #

11:04am iPad adds a screen rotation lock!!! I hope the new iPhones will have this too :: from @tuaw: j.mp/cHizkP #

1:43pm A friend is IM’ing me about Kung Fu Tacos… They look good!!! :: j.mp/duBj21 :: #kungfutacos #

2:39pm Watching the rain outside the big window near my cubicle #


6:40pm Cold wrinkley toes have I… #

8:49pm was Seafood Citying and Food4Lessing… Still not home yet… and my toes are still wet and wrinkley (but just the right ones)… #

Pom Glazed Adobo…

9:21pm I want to try this > RT @filipinofood Filipino food recipe and pics:

Pom Glased Adobo recipe on Skip to Malou’s blog

Filipino Food + Starting Wooden Orchid Box…

1:22pm Filipino Food (@filipinofood) is following me on Twitter… (it sounded funny when I said it out loud)… #

7:14pm I started on the my Wooden Orchid Box, but I’m not done yet. You can view my progress here: j.mp/bTipw4 #

10:05pm Spaghetti with sliced Hot Dogs!!! Yumm#

10:10pm I just heard that Manny Pacquiao will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live… and he’s gonna sing “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You”!!! 12:05am ABC #