Rainy Day…

8:55am On my way to work and I’m already thinking about Fish & Chips!!! I sure hope they are serving it in the cafeteria today… #

9:03am My casual carpool driver just put on a Mariah Carey song… Oh my gosh, get me out of here!!!! This is torture!!! I Can’t Wait to Hate You. #

11:04am iPad adds a screen rotation lock!!! I hope the new iPhones will have this too :: from @tuaw: j.mp/cHizkP #

1:43pm A friend is IM’ing me about Kung Fu Tacos… They look good!!! :: j.mp/duBj21 :: #kungfutacos #

2:39pm Watching the rain outside the big window near my cubicle #


6:40pm Cold wrinkley toes have I… #

8:49pm was Seafood Citying and Food4Lessing… Still not home yet… and my toes are still wet and wrinkley (but just the right ones)… #

Cookies and Muffins + Shelving Unit…

  • 12:27am My Mom just baked some cookies and muffins :) #
    Nanay Baking Cookies and Muffins
  • 6:59pm is Seafood Citying… and the parking lot is empty… #
  • 10:53pm …so at 10pm I decided to dismantle the shelving unit in my room and add bigger shelves. I didn’t realize how much stuff I have in it. Dang! #

Shopping + Nanay and Tatay’s Anniversary…

  • 4:25pm is Costcoing…. #
  • 4:40pm If my Dad was still alive, today would be my Mom and Dad’s 55th anniversary… #
  • 6:09pm is Island Pacificing… #

Friday Tweets…

  • 12:35pm Going to the cemetery to visit my father. He passed away 7 years ago on this day… … I miss you Tatay! #
  • 2:53pm It’s 2:53!!!… Wacka-wack… #
  • 4:46pm is driving my Mom around town to do her errands and of course go shopping… #
  • 5:56pm is Island Pacificing… #
  • 8:00pm is Seafood Citying… #
  • 9:15pm I’m going to attempt to cook another clay pot dish. This time, veggies in a peanut sauce… #
  • 10:46pm Bought 9 seed packets from 99c Only Stores for just 99c: Flowering Kale, Aster, Statice, Larkspur, Tomato, Celsosia. 11c each :) #
  • 11:07pm I didn’t know I can use Apple’s Image Capture program to scan from our fax/scanner/printer. No need for a scanning app or Photoshop plugin. #

Saturday Tweets…

  • 4:55am I just learned that I can get 3x rewards points if I buy an Amazon.com gift card through my bank’s Rewards website. Does anyone do this? #
  • 12:55pm Got my iMac hard drive replacement done and finished reinstalling Mac OS X plus other programs… Now my Brother can watch Youtube again :) #
  • 1:21pm Surprise visit by my Uncle and Aunt from LA, so I’m off to Rickshaw’s to get some food… #
  • 13:49 My car smells like Chinese food… #
  • 8:53pm is Michaelsing, Petcoing and Targeting… #
  • 9:19pm is Food4Lessing… #
  • 9:37pm They are playing “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” in Food4Less!!!… Oh wait… It’s like an extended version! :) #
  • 10:04pm Ranch Style Beans flic.kr/p/7uwMLV #

Found Christmas Kalanchoe + Wierdo Kiwi Fruits

As I was walking to carpool after work and saw some broken Christmas Kalanchoe plants. Knowing me, I searched for any leaves that were broken off. I was able to collect these, which I’ll try to propagate.

Found Christmas Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana)
Found Christmas Kalanchoe

Once I got home, I took my Mom grocery shopping and we saw these weirdo Kiwi Fruits which we bought for a $1 (for 4).

Weirdo Kiwi Fruits
Weirdo Kiwi Fruits

Ornamental Grass + Seeds

As I was walking with some co-workers to Taco Bell for lunch, I saw an Ornamental Grass on the corner of Drumm and Washington in San Francisco with seeds ready to pop out. They were calling out, “Joey, take me… take me home!!!”… so I did. I’m not sure what variety it is, but I took a photo of the plant if anyone can figure out what it is. I’ll try to plant these in the spring and see what come out.

Found Ornamental Grass Seeds + Plant
Ornamental Grass Seeds   Ornamental Grass

When I got home, I remembered other seeds I collected in the summer.

2 Ornamental Grass Seeds + an Unknown Tropical Fruit Seeds photos

Look What I Found Sprouting…

Look what I found sprouting in the kitchen. I’m going to bring this to work and pot it up until the weather gets warm enough outside to plant.