AT&T 4G Email…

ATT-4GJust got an email from AT&T saying that their network is getting faster with 4G… although I don’t think my iPhone 4 will benefit from this since it’s just a 3G device. I wonder if/when Apple will announce a 4G iPhone?

iPhone Printing + Veggie Tales? + Chase Junk Mail…


“After updating my iPhone to iOS 4.2.1 and doing a slight hack on my Mac, I was able to print wirelessly to our printer” 

Veggie Tales?

“I think my great-niece has discovered how to add DVD to my Netflix queue via the iPad” 

Chase Junk Mail

“I wish Chase would STOP sending me credit card solicitation letters. 12+ junk mails a month from one company is ridiculous!” 

FourSquare“I just ousted Nicole M. as the mayor of 99¢ Only Stores on @foursquare!

Strange iPhone 4 Sounds

Listen to my iPhone 4 making strange sounds

Pirate World Record + iPhone 4 Coming…

Vallejo breaks the Guinness Book of World Records for the most costumed pirates in one place at one time. Yarr! ::

Just got an email from Apple telling me that I’m getting my iPhone 4 earlier on the morning of the 23rd instead of the 24th… Whohoo!!!

iLuv Vibe Plus Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker (First Impressions)

I first heard about the iLuv Vibe Plus Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker on TUAW’s website (iLuv iPhone dock includes “bed shaker”) and immediately placed an order for it on Amazon (product page) even though it was not released yet.

iLuv Vibe Plus Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

After waiting about a month, I finally got it in the mail… My first impression: I love my new Alarm Clock!

The first thing I did when I opened it and plugged it in was dock my iPhone on it and it automatically set the time and date on its own. My Mom thought it had it’s own atomic clock.

I really like the Alarm Features:
– There is two separate alarms and each on has its own button to turn it on/off.
Frequency: M-F, Sat+Sun or Everyday
– Using the wheel, you select the hour, then the minute. You can set it forward or backwards.
Wake to Shaker, Buzzer+Shaker, iPod+Shaker, Radio+Shaker, Buzzer, iPod, Radio
– If you pick Radio, you can set the volume level.

You can play the radio/iPod through the Alarm Clock Speakers, through the Shaker or both. The Shaker itself has 3 volume settings (low, medium and high)

I set the alarm 1 to play the radio at a low volume 30 minutes before I want to wake up. I then set the second alarm to shake (not buzzer since it takes a really loud ring to wake me up and it’ll wake my brother up first)

I didn’t actually get to see if the alarms wakes me up the first night because I woke up too early, since I have a lot of work today.

Loud Music + Nice Face…

3:22pm Woke up to neighbor’s music so loud I could Shazam* it in our house with the door and windows closed: Arboles De La Barranca by Carlos Y Jose #

10:22pm My Mom just told me that Manny Pacquiao has a nice face for a boxer. She says it’s because he doesn’t get hit… #

(*Shazam is an iPhone app that listens to a sample of music being heard and identifies the song and artist.)

Rainy Day…

8:55am On my way to work and I’m already thinking about Fish & Chips!!! I sure hope they are serving it in the cafeteria today… #

9:03am My casual carpool driver just put on a Mariah Carey song… Oh my gosh, get me out of here!!!! This is torture!!! I Can’t Wait to Hate You. #

11:04am iPad adds a screen rotation lock!!! I hope the new iPhones will have this too :: from @tuaw: #

1:43pm A friend is IM’ing me about Kung Fu Tacos… They look good!!! :: :: #kungfutacos #

2:39pm Watching the rain outside the big window near my cubicle #


6:40pm Cold wrinkley toes have I… #

8:49pm was Seafood Citying and Food4Lessing… Still not home yet… and my toes are still wet and wrinkley (but just the right ones)… #

Rumor: New iPhone by April…

I just read Rumor: New iPhone by April in TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog)… I hope it’s true, because I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a new iPhone, but I am not eligible to upgrade at a discounted price due to your length of service a discount price. I have to wait until March 13, 2010. (and yes, that date is marked in my calendar)