Finally Found a Good Web Page Capture App…

I finally found a great free app for the Mac that will capture a whole web page from Safari. I’ve been trying to find a free app, but haven’t found one I liked.

The app is called Skitch and I’ve actually been using for a while now. I just discovered the web page capture function today by accident. The commandto capture a web page from Safari is Snap Safari under the Capture menu item.

I’ve use a Firefox plugin called Pixlr Grabber for work, but it crashes so much. Every time I release final files for a HTML emails, I need to send along a screenshot of the whole page and the Mac’s built in screenshot only captures a portion of the screen. I think Skitch will help me out a lot.

Loud Music + Nice Face…

3:22pm Woke up to neighbor’s music so loud I could Shazam* it in our house with the door and windows closed: Arboles De La Barranca by Carlos Y Jose #

10:22pm My Mom just told me that Manny Pacquiao has a nice face for a boxer. She says it’s because he doesn’t get hit… #

(*Shazam is an iPhone app that listens to a sample of music being heard and identifies the song and artist.)

Air Mouse Pro (Remote/Trackpad) iPhone App

I just stumbled across a really cool iPhone app called Air Mouse Pro that allows you to use your iPhone as an air mouse, trackpad or remote for your computer. I bought it (for 99¢) and played around with it for a little bit here at work and it seems to work okay. I usedit mostly as a trackpad, since the air mouse mode takes some getting use to.