Land Line Phone Alternative? + JR on TV

I want to get rid of our $40 AT&T land land phone plan.
Any suggestion to an alternative?

My nephew JR washed the dishes this evening so I get to relax and play games on my iPhone :) As he was washing, we saw him painting on Channel 7 News… Awesome!!!

Pirate World Record + iPhone 4 Coming…

Vallejo breaks the Guinness Book of World Records for the most costumed pirates in one place at one time. Yarr! ::

Just got an email from Apple telling me that I’m getting my iPhone 4 earlier on the morning of the 23rd instead of the 24th… Whohoo!!!

Breaking News via Twitter & Facebook…

11:15am It’s weird how I now get breaking news via Twitter & Facebook. Like the 8.8 earthquake in Chile and Tsunami warning throughout the Pacific. #

Wednesday Tweets…

  • 6:05am I can hear my pet praying mantis, Clingie, walking around her cage. #
  • 6:15am Some of my Twitter friends were talking about this commercial: What the french toast!!! #
  • 8:04am I can see yellow wild mustard flowers already blooming along the side of the freeway :) #
  • 6:08pm I haven’t ridden casual carpool in a while… The line is hella long; about 50 people in front of me… Hope I get into a car before 7pm… #
  • 21:31 My praying mantis laid her third ootheca (egg sack)… I wonder if that’s why she was making so much noise this morning… #
  • 9:45pm I’m passing along this police flyer of a missing friend Kathy Truitt… I pray that she is found safe and sound… #
  • 11:39pm Hogan High and Vallejo Middle Schools will be closing; Springstown Middle School will move to Hogan campus… #
  • 11:51pm You can help the Haitian Earthquake Disaster Relief by donating to the American Red Cross International Response Fund. #