Garden Related Tweets…

  • 1:56am My praying mantis Clingie laid her fourth ootheca (egg sack)!!! #

    Clingie and Her Fourth Ootheca (Egg Sack)

  • 4:27pm @AnniesAnnuals is having a SALE in honor of our native yellow-bellied groundhog! use GROUNDHOG15 code for 15% off everything til midnight! #
  • 9:16pm Got my Territorial Seed Company catalog in the mail… So much veggie and flower seeds!!! :) #

Wednesday Tweets…

  • 6:05am I can hear my pet praying mantis, Clingie, walking around her cage. #
  • 6:15am Some of my Twitter friends were talking about this commercial: What the french toast!!! #
  • 8:04am I can see yellow wild mustard flowers already blooming along the side of the freeway :) #
  • 6:08pm I haven’t ridden casual carpool in a while… The line is hella long; about 50 people in front of me… Hope I get into a car before 7pm… #
  • 21:31 My praying mantis laid her third ootheca (egg sack)… I wonder if that’s why she was making so much noise this morning… #
  • 9:45pm I’m passing along this police flyer of a missing friend Kathy Truitt… I pray that she is found safe and sound… #
  • 11:39pm Hogan High and Vallejo Middle Schools will be closing; Springstown Middle School will move to Hogan campus… #
  • 11:51pm You can help the Haitian Earthquake Disaster Relief by donating to the American Red Cross International Response Fund. #

Clingie’s Second Ootheca (Egg Sack)

Clingie and Her Second Ootheca (Egg Sack) I woke up to find that my pet Praying Mantis, Clingie laid another ootheca (egg sack) last night. I took out the first one and placed it outside because I didn’t want them to hatch until the spring. I was kinda surprised that she had another ootheca. I wonder if the eggs were fertilized and were just inside her, or if they are not fertilized… similar to how hens will lay eggs even if they are fertilized.

Later in the afternoon, me and my Mom went shopping. Went to Costco and got food for Christmas. They went to Island Pacific… Then afterwards ate at Subway… or as my Mom would call it "Footlong".

Praying Mantis

I found this Praying Mantis on our garbage and thought it was dead. It was moving really slowly and couldn’t keep its balance. I think it was because it was 38°F outside.

I took it in to take a few photos and it started being more active.

Praying Mantis  Praying Mantis

I was going to put it back outside after taking its photo, but I wasn’t sure if the cold weather would kill it. So I’m keeping it indoors for now, until I can figure out what’s best to this little fellow.

I gave it some water by putting the Mantis on a moist paper towel and it immediately started licking it.

Does anyone know how cold a Praying Mantis can tolerate? If I put it back outside in the cold, will it die?… or should I keep it until it warms up again and let it go then? Any help is appreciated…


A Little Green Suprise…

Although I haven’t been able to garden much this past week and a half, I have been checking the plants after work to make they have enough water. I’ve also been keeping an eye on the seedlings and they look fine.

This morning as I was weeding and dead-heading in the front yard, I spotted a Praying Mantis on the Dahlia. At first it freaked me out, but then I ran to get my camera. It’s weird because I’ve only seen one Praying Mantis in our garden before… so I’m wondering if this is the Praying Mantis that I brought home on July 7th.

The Praying Mantis on the Happy Single Dahlia

Grooming Praying Mantis (Note the deep purple foliage on the Dahlia)

… and speaking of bugs that freaked me out, I saw this spider on our patio last night…

Hello Praying Mantis…

After work (Wednesday), I drove over to Yard Bird to see if they had some cheap big pots. I found some 12 incher for $1.97 and got 5. I walked around looking at what trees they had. I’ve been trying to get ideas on what trees to get once I get my own house.

While walking around, I found a Coleus called “Dark Star“, that has very dark foliage that are almost black. I had to get it.

When I got home and separated the pots, I found a baby Praying Mantis hiding between the pots. I was only about an inch long and really cute. I placed it on my cucumber plants and took photos. Hopefully it’ll be okay and survive. Maybe I’ll see it again once it grows up. Praying Mantis are rare in our neighborhood. I’ve only seen 1 in all the years I’ve been gardening.

I potted the Coleus that I didn’t plant yesterday along with two Kongs that I rooted in the new pots. Some were too big so I took some Jade, New Orleans Red and Dark Star cuttings.

It was starting to get dark, but I wanted to finish one more chore. I got some soil conditioner and steer manure and amended a little flat in the front yard so I can plant a six pack of Snapdragons that my brother bought. I also transplanted 5 pots of Calendula that I grew from seeds