Praying Mantis

I found this Praying Mantis on our garbage and thought it was dead. It was moving really slowly and couldn’t keep its balance. I think it was because it was 38°F outside.

I took it in to take a few photos and it started being more active.

Praying Mantis  Praying Mantis

I was going to put it back outside after taking its photo, but I wasn’t sure if the cold weather would kill it. So I’m keeping it indoors for now, until I can figure out what’s best to this little fellow.

I gave it some water by putting the Mantis on a moist paper towel and it immediately started licking it.

Does anyone know how cold a Praying Mantis can tolerate? If I put it back outside in the cold, will it die?… or should I keep it until it warms up again and let it go then? Any help is appreciated…