Praying Mantis

I found this Praying Mantis on our garbage and thought it was dead. It was moving really slowly and couldn’t keep its balance. I think it was because it was 38°F outside.

I took it in to take a few photos and it started being more active.

Praying Mantis  Praying Mantis

I was going to put it back outside after taking its photo, but I wasn’t sure if the cold weather would kill it. So I’m keeping it indoors for now, until I can figure out what’s best to this little fellow.

I gave it some water by putting the Mantis on a moist paper towel and it immediately started licking it.

Does anyone know how cold a Praying Mantis can tolerate? If I put it back outside in the cold, will it die?… or should I keep it until it warms up again and let it go then? Any help is appreciated…


  • Praying Mantis typically hatch, grow, mate and die in one warm weather season. That said, I expect you could extend his/her life cycle indoors for a time.

    This site says temperature needs vary by species. It also has many helpful looking links.

    We kept on as a pet years ago and it was facinating although pretty gross. It was summer so we captured live insects for it. In cold weather you may have to purchase live crickets at the pet store.

    • Thank you very much for the tips and the link :)

      I named her Clingie and she is doing very well… She’s catching the crickets I bought like crazy and guess what??!!! She laid eggs:

      Did yours lay eggs?… and how long did it live?