Unknown Succulent Found and Potted

[Update 8/29/16: It’s a Sedum dendroideum subsp. praealtum]

I found this succulent under our Bosc Pear Tree when I was doing some garden clean up and thought I would pot it up.

Unknown Succulent

These have been growing along one of our fence and my Mom seems to think that may have popped up from our neighbor’s yard.

Unknown Succulent

We never really took much notice or it, but when I saw this good sized multi-branch which was already partially rooted, I thought it would look much better properly potted up and given more light.

Unknown Succulent

I’m not really sure what it is. My Mom thinks it’s a Jade (Cassula sp.) while I think it may be a type of Aeonium… We don’t know.

Anyone know what it is?

White Citrus Flower Buds-like Things in Clematis Flowers?

I noticed that two of our Clematis flowers have a white thing in the center that resembles a white citrus flower bud.


I don’t recall the other Clematis flowers looking having that.


Anyone know what those white things are?

Ungrafted Scions and Cloning/Rooting Fruit Trees Cuttings?

I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to work in the garden as much as I want to. I especially haven’t grafted as much as previous years and I still have a bunch of scions that I got earlier this year from the CRFG Scion Exchange. Some may be too late to graft like the Cherries, Plums, Peach and Nectarines because our trees have already bloomed. The Pears are blooming now and I think those may be a little late to graft, although still maybe possible. Apples are the only fruit trees that haven’t bloomed and I can still graft those soon.

I happened to see a YouTube video where someone showed how to clone a pear tree. I’ve never thought of rooting fruit tree cuttings like Peaches, Pears, Apples, etc… I don’t know why I never thought of this… so I think I will try to root the remaining scions I have left and see if they will take root and grow… and maybe I can use them next year for grafting.

Has anyone rooted Peaches, Nectarine, Plums, Apricots, Pears and Apples from cuttings?

Unknown Apple

Unknown Apple by joeysplanting

We have this Apple growing in our yard, but we lost the plant tag a long time ago. It has a really good taste that is sweet and a little tangy. When you slice it open, there are portions of the flesh that are semi-translucent–like it’s been frozen–but it hasn’t. I haven’t seen this in any other Apples. My Mom says that the fruits are always like this and it reminds her of a Pineapple.

Anyone know what kind of Apple this is?

Apples, Pears and Asian Pears…

Apple and Pear Crisp

I harvest various Apples, Pears and Asian Pears from our garden to make an Apple and Pear Crisp.

Harvested Apples, Pears and Asian Pears

I harvested the two Asian Pear ‘Hosui’ Folia fruits because they were starting to soften. I think I should have harvested them a few weeks ago when they were more firm.

Asian Pear 'Hosui' vs Other Asian Pear

The Asian Pear ‘Hosui’ fruits are more brown and spotted than our existing Asian Pear (unknown variety) Folia that they are grafted onto.

One of our Apple variety has splotches of semi-translucent areas inside the fruit. It looks mushy, but isn’t. My Mom says that this is normal and it tastes a little like Pineapple.

Unknown Apple Variety

I didn’t remember to take a photo of the unpeeled Apple. I’ll have to check the tree and take a photo.

Anyone happen to know this Apple variety?

Does Superthrive Expire?

I stumbled onto a page on Amazon.com for Superthrive, the plant vitamin and hormone supplement… and remembered that I have a small bottle (from maybe 3 years ago) somewhere that I hardly used.

Does anyone know if Superthrive expire?… and do you think it’ll be worth it to dig it up and use it again?

Green Swiss Chard Planted + Summer Leafy Greens?

I didn’t do much gardening, but I planted the 6-pack of Green Swiss Chard Folia into three half squares in back of the Lemon Cucumbers. I think I will plant either some Bush Beans or another summer greens in the other halves of the three squares.

I also moved some of the Coleus pots I planted a few days ago into the front patio.

Which reminds me… I need to do some research and find out if there are green leafy vegetables that will grow in the summer time… since I believe most greens like Kale, Bok Choy, Mustard, etc. like the cool weather. Any suggestions?

I found a couple sites that have some good ideas:
Veggie Gardening Tips: Top Ten Leafy Greens for Summer Gardens
Mother Earth News: Spinach Alternatives: Warm Weather Salad Greens

Non-spicy Curry Recipes?

I want to cook a Curry dish, but my Mom can’t eat spicy foods. Is there such a thing as non-spicy Curry (since I’ve only seen Curry that is spicy)?

Anyone have any recipes?