Non-spicy Curry Recipes?

I want to cook a Curry dish, but my Mom can’t eat spicy foods. Is there such a thing as non-spicy Curry (since I’ve only seen Curry that is spicy)?

Anyone have any recipes?

  • Yeah, I make them all the time for my family – they don’t like spicy stuff. Most curry powders that you buy in the supermarket are pungent and flavourful without being too spicy (except Madras Curry).

    My basic curry is for potatoes and peas; you can add other veggies as well. Fry cubed potatoes (and carrots, if you want) in a bit of oil until they are tender (it takes a while), then add frozen peas near the end. Sprinkle with salt, add curry powder – tweak with extra cumin for more pungency – then add either yogurt or coconut milk to make it creamy. Cook, stirring, until the flavours come together. Remove from heat and serve over basmati rice.

    Another easy one my family likes is a mix of cooked spinach, canned tomatoes and cubes of either tofu or firm Indian “paneer” cheese. Add curry powder, salt and pepper, and, again, just cook for a bit until the flavours come together.

    (Instead of storebought curry powder, you could also experiment by mixing your own combo of cumin, coriander and turmeric to get a flavour you like best…)

    I suspect that “curry” is actually a colonial British concept, which includes all Indian flavours – spicy and otherwise – in one convenient but confusing word.

    Good luck!