Dyno HEAD (LOGO) Crewneck Sweaters…

Dyno HEAD (LOGO) Crewneck Sweater

Last night, my nephew JR was painting several HEAD (LOGO) crewneck sweaters.

Dyno HEAD (LOGO) Crewneck Sweater


Land Line Phone Alternative? + JR on TV

I want to get rid of our $40 AT&T land land phone plan.
Any suggestion to an alternative?

My nephew JR washed the dishes this evening so I get to relax and play games on my iPhone :) As he was washing, we saw him painting on Channel 7 News… Awesome!!!

Before and After…

Giddy Up Unka Joel Mahliyah and Her Unka Joel

Happy 98th Birthday Lola!!!

  • 1:37am Today is my Lola’s (Grandma’s) 98th birthday!!!… Everyone wish her a very happy birthday…
  • 3:15pm Celebrating my Grandma’s 98th birthday at Empire Buffet#
  • 11:51pm Wow… I got a break from washing the dishes… My nephew washed the all the dishes after dinner… Wow… #
  • 1:37am Paying bills online for my Mom… I feel like a bank teller#

Blackout Photos…

Photos from the 3.5 hour blackout we had:

Nanay Lighing a Candle   Candles   JR Eating During the Blackout

New Camera and a Butterfly…

I discovered that my Canon PowerShot A610 camera ( photo ) was recently replaced with a newer camera with higher megapixels and a larger LCD screen… so I made an impulse buy on Friday and bought a Canon PowerShot A640 ( photo ). I received the package today and started using it.

I gave my older camera to my nephew JR for his birthday today. He’s using it now at a concert he and his friends are going to.

Here is one of the first photos taken with my new camera.

West Coast Lady Butterfly on Marigold

I had a tough time trying to photograph this butterfly. It would not sit still and everytime I approached it, it fly away… but eventually came back.

I’m not exactly sure what type of butterfly it is, but I just noticed it today for the first time this year.