Mahliyah’s Rag Quilt…

Mahliyah's Rag Quilt

I made this quick rag quilt for my great-neice Mahliyah for Christmas… and I think she loves it :)

The Swan Princess and the Secret of the Castle…

I think my 4 year old great niece added a DVD to my Netflix queue again… I’m getting “The Swan Princess and the Secret of the Castle”.

Ponyo on the Big iTouch

Last night I got the cutest voice mail from my great niece Mahliyah.

“Umm… Hi Uncle Joel, can I see, th, when um… I’m spending the night at your house, oh, can I see the iTouch and can I watch Ponyo on the big iTouch. Thank you… Here Mommy… bye.”

A Day Off From Work…

I had a dream last night that my brother was listening to Charice using headphones!!! That didn’t come true… I can hear her on the Mac…

My great-niece Mahliyah is smearing Chap Stick on her face.. I asked her why she’s doing that and she replied, “so my face won’t get ashy.” Later, I asked her again why she’s doing this and she corrected me… it’s so she doesn’t get rashes?

She’s so cute… later, she requested “Baby” by Justin Bieber on YouTube and now she’s dancing for me!!! Hehe

Mahliyah Dancing

My Mom is looking at my cousins photos on Facebook on her iPad and reading all the photo’s comments out loud… Hehe… It’s so cute!!!

Nanay Reading Comments on Facebook

Before and After…

Giddy Up Unka Joel Mahliyah and Her Unka Joel

iPhoto to Aperture + Cute Mahliyah…

  • 5:54pm Importing my iPhoto Library (39,412 photos) into the brand new Aperture 3 while teaching it Faces… #
  • 9:34pm We are babysitting my 3.5 year old great-niece and she is so cute… (and well behaved) #