iPhoto to Aperture + Cute Mahliyah…

  • 5:54pm Importing my iPhoto Library (39,412 photos) into the brand new Aperture 3 while teaching it Faces… #
  • 9:34pm We are babysitting my 3.5 year old great-niece and she is so cute… (and well behaved) #

Aperture 3 Released + Work + Nanay Going to Get Dressed…

  • 8:38am (Reposted from @rustyjaw) Aperture 3!!! tinyurl.com/aperture3 #
  • 12:17pm Sometimes I find myself imitating various sounds around the office, like a telephone ringing, a Mac restarting and my stomach growling… #
  • 10:14pm I need to get contact solution so I asked my Mom if she needed to get anything from Walmart… Her response was "I’m going to get dressed." #