Happy 98th Birthday Lola!!!

  • 1:37am Today is my Lola’s (Grandma’s) 98th birthday!!!… Everyone wish her a very happy birthday…
  • 3:15pm Celebrating my Grandma’s 98th birthday at Empire Buffet#
  • 11:51pm Wow… I got a break from washing the dishes… My nephew washed the all the dishes after dinner… Wow… #
  • 1:37am Paying bills online for my Mom… I feel like a bank teller#

Saturday Tweets…

  • 4:55am I just learned that I can get 3x rewards points if I buy an Amazon.com gift card through my bank’s Rewards website. Does anyone do this? #
  • 12:55pm Got my iMac hard drive replacement done and finished reinstalling Mac OS X plus other programs… Now my Brother can watch Youtube again :) #
  • 1:21pm Surprise visit by my Uncle and Aunt from LA, so I’m off to Rickshaw’s to get some food… #
  • 13:49 My car smells like Chinese food… #
  • 8:53pm is Michaelsing, Petcoing and Targeting… #
  • 9:19pm is Food4Lessing… #
  • 9:37pm They are playing “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” in Food4Less!!!… Oh wait… It’s like an extended version! :) #
  • 10:04pm Ranch Style Beans flic.kr/p/7uwMLV #

Chris’ Birthday Lunch + Concord Seafood City

We had a birthday lunch for my nephew Chris at Le Cheval in Walnut Creek.

Chris' Birthday Lunch  Mahliyah's Calamari Dip

Afterwards, me and my Mom went to the Concord Seafood City to see how it compares to the Vallejo one. It actually seems smaller.

Christmas Paper Fight

Happy 97th Birthday Lola…

Today was my Lola’s (Grandma in Tagalog) 97th birthday. We celebrated by going to Empire Buffet for lunch. Lola is still going strong and as spunky as ever.

Lola (97th Birthday)

Mahliyah Belle

We have a new addition to our family… On Friday, my niece Cathy gave birth to my new great niece Mahliyah Belle. She is so cute!… and my niece was so exhausted from the labor.

Mahliyah Belle