Mahliyah Belle

We have a new addition to our family… On Friday, my niece Cathy gave birth to my new great niece Mahliyah Belle. She is so cute!… and my niece was so exhausted from the labor.

Mahliyah Belle

  • Awww… so cute! Congratulations!

  • i love her name!

    • My niece has been looking at books of names… and I’m not sure where they got Mahliyah… but I know see picked it a while ago…

  • Yay!!!!! Beautiful!

    • Yes she is!… I wish the best for them :)

  • Congrats, Great Uncle Joey!

    • Thank you… out family is sure growing….

  • Many welcomes to your new grand-niece!

    • Thanks… I know my niece will have a lot of her hands now… but she’s good with kids, so I have no worries…

  • Congrats! She’s so cute!

    Great niece, huh? Wow, gosh. I just realized that my nieces could also have kids soon too (2 of them are in their mid-20s, hmm, same with 2 nephews). Heck, one of my brothers practically did a tap dance that I had a kid before he became a grandfather (he still isn’t one btw).

    • Yup… great niece!… I now have 4 great nieces and 3 great nephews… and 2 nieces and 8 nephews…

  • Wow….how beautiful and precious she is……

    You should be a proud Great-Uncle.

    • She is adorable… and I’m proud to be a great-uncle… again :)