Naic Town Fiesta / San Leandro Marina

Last weekend we attended an annual event called “Naic Town Fiesta” in San Leandro Marina where people from my Mom’s home town Naic, Cavite, Philippines get together and have a big potluck and celebrate their Patron Saint.

I took this opportunity to explore the San Leandro Marina and see what plants it had growing wild.

Naic Alliance in California Banner   Unknown Succulent

Unknown Flower   San Leandro Marina

There are a lot of flowers that the people from Naic bring to celebrate their Patron Saint. Here are a few of them:

Flower Buds   Pink Edged Yellow Roses

Anyone know what the purple flower buds above are?
I totally can’t remember what those are called.

Peach Roses   Yellow Mums

The two Roses above are the cuttings I took from the last entry.

  • lisianthus, maybe?

    • Whoa… I was looking back at some of my older entries and didn’t realize that there were comments that I didn’t see…

      Thanks for the identification… you are right… it is a lisianthus :_

  • Nice flowers and nice photos!

    Cavite? That was my dad’s home town too!

    • Oops… sorry, I didn’t realize that some of my older post had comments… Thanks for the compliments :)

      Yes Cavite… my Mom’s side of the family is from Naic Cavite… How about your Dad? Does he know any Encarnacions?