Rose Restoration Project

My Mom was always fond of her Roses. We have at least eight plants along the front of our house and driveway.


She would cut these to about a foot from the ground every year, but during the past few years, she wasn’t able to, so they grew bigger and had a lot of branches and limbs dying off. I tried pruning them a bit and taking the dead limbs off, but over the years there were more and I wasn’t as diligent as my Mom was at rose pruning.

Rose #7 before pruning.

After my Mom passed away last year, the Roses were getting more uncontrollable. After going to the Vallejo Garden Club’s rose pruning demonstration this year, I set my mind up to prune our Roses.

As I was pruning, I saw many dead limbs, some of which were pretty large and caused blank areas in the plants. I also noticed that there were lots of rot and decay at the base due to the unswept leaves laying near the base. I cleaned these up as best as I could.

Rose #1 after pruning.

Some of the plants didn’t look like they were going to do well, but they were still alive and I’m hoping they would rebound. There were a couple that I think should be replaced due to the rotting base, but I want to keep my Mom’s Roses, so that gave me an idea… I think I will take cuttings and try to root them to make new plants that I can use in a couple of years to replace the older ones.

Rose 'Talisman' and Rose #1 rooted cuttings.

[Update] Another thought entered my mind. Since we have a couple of volunteer Roses coming up from the roots (I believe they are Rose ‘Dr. Huey’), I can take cuttings of these, root them up and make new Rose Rootstocks to graft the cuttings above onto.

So starts my Rose Restoration Project…

New Rose?

New Rose?

As I was taking flower photos for April 2012 Bloom Day. I noticed this red old garden-type Rose which I do not recall having. I asked my Mom when and where we got this Rose and she didn’t recall. In fact, she didn’t remember this Rose looking like this. I’ll look at this Rose later, because I have a feeling it may be from the rootstock.

Berkeley Rose Garden + Westbrae Nursery + Complete Garden Supply…

This morning, I went to the Berkeley Rose Garden to meet up with some members of the East Bay Modern Quilting Guild to take photos of some quilts. It was my first time at the Berkeley Rose Garden and they had tons of roses. I saw Cyn, Lauren with her two kids and Margaret. I didn’t have any of my own quilts but took some photos of theirs.

Afterwards, I stuck around and shot some photos of the Roses and other plants around the garden. It was a beautiful warm day… but I kept dropping my camera lenses! Argh!

I then passed by Westbrae Nursery and picked up two Coleus: Coleus ‘Mozaik Thin Mint’ Folia and Coleus ‘Mozaik Lava Red’ Folia . I also saw a pretty double Spidery Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum maximum ‘Aglaya’) Folia .

Before going back home, I also passed by Complete Garden Supply and purchased more cheap basic black pots (1, 2 and 3 galloon sizes) and some 10×10 trays.

Naic Town Fiesta / San Leandro Marina

Last weekend we attended an annual event called “Naic Town Fiesta” in San Leandro Marina where people from my Mom’s home town Naic, Cavite, Philippines get together and have a big potluck and celebrate their Patron Saint.

I took this opportunity to explore the San Leandro Marina and see what plants it had growing wild.

Naic Alliance in California Banner   Unknown Succulent

Unknown Flower   San Leandro Marina

There are a lot of flowers that the people from Naic bring to celebrate their Patron Saint. Here are a few of them:

Flower Buds   Pink Edged Yellow Roses

Anyone know what the purple flower buds above are?
I totally can’t remember what those are called.

Peach Roses   Yellow Mums

The two Roses above are the cuttings I took from the last entry.

New Stuff for Friday…

Friday, I woke up late so I drove to work. I stayed late to make up some time and after I got off, I walked around to see if I could get some Knotweeds that I’ve been wanting. Call me weird, but I really like these weed a lot and and to grow them.


I found this large leaf Coleus which looks like a combination of a ‘Green Kong’ and ‘Schizophrenia’. I had to take a maintenance clipping of it.

Unknown Coleus 5/19/06

Once I got to Vallejo, I picked my Mom up and we went to the hospital to visit my niece who just gave birth to my new great niece Mahliyah Belle.

Once we got back home. I took my new cuttings and potted them up.

Knotweed Cuttings

I also potted up the Pineapple that is starting to sprout roots and took cutting of some of my other Coleus that either grew too leggy or were still rooting in water.

Potted Pineapple   Coleus Cuttings

Last week, we brought home some flowers from the Naic Town Fiesta. There were two Roses which I really liked and wondered if they would grow. I took cutting of them and just planted those in water. To my surprise, they are starting to sprout, so I went ahead and potted those cuttings and covered this up with a plastic bag.

Peach Rose Cuttings   Pink Edged Yellow Rose Cuttings

I didn’t even think these would sprout, so I’m pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, these will take root and give us the Roses on the next entry.

Weekend Gardening (A Little Bit of Everything)

Friday the first really nice day that we had in a while. It was actually warm and there was no rain… so I took out all the cuttings and seedlings from my room and placed them outside in the front porch. Everybody OUT!!! Unfortunately, it was chilly again on Saturday and Sunday, so they didn’t get to come back out.

Everybody OUT!!!

We have several plants blooming outside, including our first Roses. I several photos of the Rose blooms, unfortunately, I forgot to turn the macro setting and almost all those photos came out blurry. Here are some of my Mom’s White Bank Rose and Clematis in our back patio.

First Rose Blooms of the Year   Clematis Blooms

On Friday, my Mom and I went to Costco, and they were selling Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum ‘Cupreum’)… Hmmm? Everywhere I go, it seems that seeds start breaking off. Knowing me, I had to save them.

Purple Fountain Grass Photo

Garden Status…

With me planting Tomatoes and Coleus and a few other things, I totally forgot that I should have started planting the cool weather plants, like Bok Choy, Lettuce, Peas, Chard, etc… So, since I have one more day off of work, I’ll go and do that tommorow, and also try to do some maintenance in the back.

Here are some things I noticed in the garden:
– The Drawf Sweet Peas are really thriving and are starting to really flower.
– More Daffodils are starting to open.
– The Yellow Crocus just starting to show some green leaves.
– The pruned Roses are leafing out.

Quick Response + Rose Stumps + Gardening Thoughts…

I wrote an email to White Flower Farm last night asking if they knew what varieties of Coleus my coworker purchased from them… and this morning, I got a response with the names. They are Black Magic, Peridot, Bronze Pagoda, Garnet Robe and Rattlesnake… Now I’ll update my previous entry and my flickr page to reflect this information.

My Mom finally cut down the Roses in the front yard to about a foot from the stump. There were a few flowers left, but nothing significant. Our front yard looks so bare now.

As I was watching A Gardener’s Diary before bed last night, I saw this gardener who grew Clematis through one of her bushes. It made the illusion that bush was flowering. That gave me an idea. How it would look if we grew Clematis next to our White Birch tree in the front. Would it enhance the tree with flowers or would it look too weird. Hmm???… My Mom doesn’t really like the Birch tree, but we can not chop it down because of our city’s municipal code prohibits it.

I was also thinking about making a make-shift grow-light thingy-a-gig in my room like my LiveJournal friend, lblanchard. Just a small one… maybe I can take one of my old aquariums, replace the light with a warm white fluorescent bulb and add mirrors on the sides to intensify the light. I’ll add gravel or stones the the bottom with just a little bit of water to add some humidity. Hmm?… That’s an idea… Lemme research that on Google…