Green Curtain Idea…

Hmm, I wonder if I can implement a Green Curtain in front of my room window…

Source: via Joel on Pinterest

Just Thinking Out Loud About Potted Tomatoes…

A few weeks ago, Hugh, a fellow Flickr friend told me about the website Global Buckets which showed how to make a self watering pot or a global bucket (as they called it) using two 5 gallon buckets, PVC Pipe and a plastic cup. I thought this was a good idea, but I didn’t have anything to plant in it…

…Until I saw a photo by Meighan, another Flickr friend, who was growing Tomatoes in pots. This gave me an idea… How about if I grew some Tomatoes in a self water 5 gallon pot so I could move it around. Maybe even put it in a spot in the front yard that gets more sun than in the back yard.

Tomato Plants
Tomato Plants by Meighan

I think I’ll try this next year, but I’m kinda anxious to make a self watering pot, so maybe I can test it out with two extra Lemon Cucumber plants that was left (no more space in the veggie bed to plant them).

[Update] ooohh, I just thought of something!.. I can plant my Pepino Dulce in one! (I have a new project to do tomorrow) :)

Another Try at Winter Sowing…

Last year, I attempted winter sowing for the first time… and I wasn’t successful.

Winter Sown

The plants either didn’t germinate, or germinated then died, or was baked in the small container.

I wasn’t planning on winter sowing again, but I happen to stumble upon the journal entry “My First Winter Sowing” by HollyBee on Folia. She used a large translucent container and placed 24 square 3 1/2 inch square pots… which are similar to the pots I used a couple years ago for my overwintering Coleus. I think I’ll copy her method and plant my flower seeds this way.

I also found a photo by pestee35 on Flickr using a similar method.

Orchid Box/Basket Inspirations…

I was looking around Flickr for Masdevallia Orchids in Orchid Boxes/Baskets and found a few photos that inspire me:

limahuli’s Masdevallia hybrid

sycamorecreek77’s Masdevallia pinocchio ‘Sycamore Creek’
and Phragmipedium Stairway to Heaven ‘Sycamore Creek’

Plant Lady2009’s Babies Dove in a bird nest

low.’s orchid basket

This is a alternative way of making a Orchid Basket:
red head10’s Orchid basket

Ideas for a octagonal Orchid Basket:
jhainaut’s Orchid Basket-05 and Orchid Basket-01

Links: Autopot Retail Outlet – GardenSmart – Melbourne, Australia

I really like how their Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Eggplant fruits are hanging from an overhead trellis.

Autopot Retail Outlet – GardenSmart – Melbourne, Australia.

LED Grow Lights – DIY Project?

I’ve noticed more and more LED holiday lights (like these or these) for sale and had an idea. I wonder if those LED mini lights can be used to create a grow light for my overwintering plants. Here are some other question I have and need to do some research on:

– Are the holiday mini lights enough light? How much do I need?
– Are they the correct light spectrum? Do I need to get reds, blues, whites?
– Will they really use less energy than my current fluorescent ones?
– Where is a good source of lights? Hopefully, there will be some left at the After-Christmas sales.
– Has anyone here use any LED grow lights and how well did they work?

I’ll have to do more research, but here are some initial findings:
How to Make LED Grow Light Panels
DIY Your Own LED Light Grow Box Today!
Hydroponic DIY – How to Make an LED Plant Growing Box!
Cheap LED Light and Grow Box

Links: Storefront Gardens

I just discovered a blog called Storefront Garden that reminds me of all the little shops in San Francisco with plants in their windows. I should photograph more of those :)

Links: Oriental Lilies & Zucchini Idea

I like how Marika from Gardener’s Index interplanted Oriental Lilies & Zucchini. I should do something like this for next year.