LED Grow Lights – DIY Project?

I’ve noticed more and more LED holiday lights (like these or these) for sale and had an idea. I wonder if those LED mini lights can be used to create a grow light for my overwintering plants. Here are some other question I have and need to do some research on:

– Are the holiday mini lights enough light? How much do I need?
– Are they the correct light spectrum? Do I need to get reds, blues, whites?
– Will they really use less energy than my current fluorescent ones?
– Where is a good source of lights? Hopefully, there will be some left at the After-Christmas sales.
– Has anyone here use any LED grow lights and how well did they work?

I’ll have to do more research, but here are some initial findings:
How to Make LED Grow Light Panels
DIY Your Own LED Light Grow Box Today!
Hydroponic DIY – How to Make an LED Plant Growing Box!
Cheap LED Light and Grow Box

Outgrown Again…

I’m running out of room on my shelves for the seedling I planted, so I got another 2 tubed fluorescent shop light. Instead of a 2 footer, I got a bigger 3 footer, which will still fit on my shelf, but will stick out of one side by about 3 inches.

I rearranged the shelves, trying to optimize the little space I have. I left the aquarium, but removed the aquarium light and just placed the 2 footer shop light on that shelf. On the other is the 3 footer.

Once everything was done, I plugged in the lights and it was so bright!!! I didn’t realize that the 3 footer gave off so much light than the 2 footer. My vegetable seedlings will love this!

I also planted one lone Coleus ‘Exhibition Magma’ seed. That’s the only one I could find. Hopefully, it’ll grow.

More Seedlings…

Yesterday, I added an extension to the shelves in my room. The shelves I have are part of the IVAR storage system from Ikea. I’ve had them in my old apartment, and had to scale it down when I moved back home (I have a smaller room here). Luckily, I saved the extra side unit and shelves, and expanded my current setup. Now it looks huge, but at least I have room to setup my new grow lights.

Which reminds me… The ‘Brandywine OTV’ and ‘Great White’ Tomatoes have sprouted. I think the ‘William Guiness’ Columbine is sprouting too, but I can’t quite tell if it is or if it’s moldy. I also noticed that some pine nuts that I found and planted are emerging. Yeay!

And to top it off, the White Genoa Fig and Arguta Kiwi scions that I placed in cup of water are starting to bud.


Today after work, I stopped by Home Depot and bought myself a two bulb fluorescent shop light to use as grow lights, since I’ve out grown my aquarium. I got a warm bulb and used one of the cool white we had in storage; I hope this is the right combination. I just bought a 2 footer, because I have no room in my room for the 4 foot one.

I also got a bigger Jiffy Greenhouse (72 Pellets), so I can really start sowing seeds.

…And to top it off, I found a 3 pack of Dahlia ‘Peaches N Cream’. Imma grow one or two for our house and give one to my Aunt who has a collection of Dahlias.

Lookie, My New Fishies…

Coleus Cuttings Aquarium (Front View)

Coleus Cuttings Aquarium (Top View)

Quick Response + Rose Stumps + Gardening Thoughts…

I wrote an email to White Flower Farm last night asking if they knew what varieties of Coleus my coworker purchased from them… and this morning, I got a response with the names. They are Black Magic, Peridot, Bronze Pagoda, Garnet Robe and Rattlesnake… Now I’ll update my previous entry and my flickr page to reflect this information.

My Mom finally cut down the Roses in the front yard to about a foot from the stump. There were a few flowers left, but nothing significant. Our front yard looks so bare now.

As I was watching A Gardener’s Diary before bed last night, I saw this gardener who grew Clematis through one of her bushes. It made the illusion that bush was flowering. That gave me an idea. How it would look if we grew Clematis next to our White Birch tree in the front. Would it enhance the tree with flowers or would it look too weird. Hmm???… My Mom doesn’t really like the Birch tree, but we can not chop it down because of our city’s municipal code prohibits it.

I was also thinking about making a make-shift grow-light thingy-a-gig in my room like my LiveJournal friend, lblanchard. Just a small one… maybe I can take one of my old aquariums, replace the light with a warm white fluorescent bulb and add mirrors on the sides to intensify the light. I’ll add gravel or stones the the bottom with just a little bit of water to add some humidity. Hmm?… That’s an idea… Lemme research that on Google…