Quick Response + Rose Stumps + Gardening Thoughts…

I wrote an email to White Flower Farm last night asking if they knew what varieties of Coleus my coworker purchased from them… and this morning, I got a response with the names. They are Black Magic, Peridot, Bronze Pagoda, Garnet Robe and Rattlesnake… Now I’ll update my previous entry and my flickr page to reflect this information.

My Mom finally cut down the Roses in the front yard to about a foot from the stump. There were a few flowers left, but nothing significant. Our front yard looks so bare now.

As I was watching A Gardener’s Diary before bed last night, I saw this gardener who grew Clematis through one of her bushes. It made the illusion that bush was flowering. That gave me an idea. How it would look if we grew Clematis next to our White Birch tree in the front. Would it enhance the tree with flowers or would it look too weird. Hmm???… My Mom doesn’t really like the Birch tree, but we can not chop it down because of our city’s municipal code prohibits it.

I was also thinking about making a make-shift grow-light thingy-a-gig in my room like my LiveJournal friend, lblanchard. Just a small one… maybe I can take one of my old aquariums, replace the light with a warm white fluorescent bulb and add mirrors on the sides to intensify the light. I’ll add gravel or stones the the bottom with just a little bit of water to add some humidity. Hmm?… That’s an idea… Lemme research that on Google…

  • FYI, for many foliage plants a plain old fluorescent bulb will do just fine. You don’t need fancy-schmancy pricey bulbs.

    My own grow-light rig is two 4-ft industrial fixtures mounted next to each other. One has a regular and a fancy bulb; the other is plain. I haven’t seen any huge difference in the plants under either one unless they’re flowering plants, e.g., begonias. I have three rather ordinary cane-type begonias that go in rotation on the dining room table — I change them out every four days to keep them from being too stressed by the dark conditions there.

  • a few years back I set up a grow light and an aquarium with various plants in it and it worke dout great. I even had some plants bloom. The gravel and aquarium walls really helped with the moisture level.

    Good luck with it!

    • I am so bad. I have been thinking of doing this, but still haven’t… I really should go in the back storage and find that aquarium. What kind of light did you use? A special fluorescent? or just a regular one?