Outgrown Again…

I’m running out of room on my shelves for the seedling I planted, so I got another 2 tubed fluorescent shop light. Instead of a 2 footer, I got a bigger 3 footer, which will still fit on my shelf, but will stick out of one side by about 3 inches.

I rearranged the shelves, trying to optimize the little space I have. I left the aquarium, but removed the aquarium light and just placed the 2 footer shop light on that shelf. On the other is the 3 footer.

Once everything was done, I plugged in the lights and it was so bright!!! I didn’t realize that the 3 footer gave off so much light than the 2 footer. My vegetable seedlings will love this!

I also planted one lone Coleus ‘Exhibition Magma’ seed. That’s the only one I could find. Hopefully, it’ll grow.

  • Wow. Sounds like you could take advantage of a small outdoor greenhouse. Do you have room? Like this?

    Move the sprouts outside while you keep germinating indoors? Or do you already have one?

    • We don’t have an outdoor greenhouse, but we have a patio which we enclosed with thick plastic, so I guess that kinda acts as a greenhouse. ( link )

      • Oh, very nice! I’m having such a hard time refraining from planting more seeds myself. I really don’t have any room until I can start putting seedlings in the raised bed. It’s raining right now and predicted to snow this weekend. Grr…

        Laugh, so how big of a greenhouse are you planning for when you get your own house?