Lookie, My New Fishies…

Coleus Cuttings Aquarium (Front View)

Coleus Cuttings Aquarium (Top View)

  • cool!!!

  • Pretty!

    In the second pic, I particularly like the one that’s at the top, 2nd (?) from the left, with bright green edges, burgundy, then brighter pink & cream in the middle.

    • That one it ‘Scarlet Kong’. It is by far the biggest leafed Coleus. Most of the leaves grow bigger than my hand and it’s stem is almost half an inch. The colorations also vary. When I bought it, it had burgundy leaves with green edges, then the green got larger, then red started appearing, then finally cream… so one plant has many different leaf colorations.

  • YaY! You did it! I’m sure your coleus will be very happy in their winter home.

  • Yay! Looks great….and I hope it makes your little friends happy.

  • That is so cool!!

  • Neat!

    That’s pretty clever!