Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

I finally was able to edit through all my photos from the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Below are 6 out of the 86 photos I posted on my San Francisco Botanical Garden (Dec 2005) album on flickr.com.




  • NOW who’s sending flowers? :) These are great, Joey…thanks for sharing and happy new year backatcha. ~

  • Yay! Beautiful flowers to look at! I’ll love perusing through that gallery!

  • Magnificent photos. My compliments. I hope you submit photos to magazines or calendars. These are all good enough to be turned into botanical prints. You are awesome.


    • Thank you Tim :) I never thought of doing that… Maybe I can research about freelancing… but I like taking the photos for myself… Maybe if I do it freelance, like my graphic design, I wouldn’t enjoy it and get stressed about it. Thank you for the suggestions though… I’m glad you liked the photos… Stay tuned, I’ll have more :)

  • Anonymous

    Sent here by Tim of a_trick_mind, I’m so glad to have found your beautiful photographs. Thanks for a (long) moment of joy and serenity, and sunshine, on a dreary British winter day.

    John Bailey (www.oldgreypoet.com)