Baby Seedling…

As I was taking a break from work, I went to check if Mr. Dandelion was still under the tree on the sidewalk on The Embarcadero (San Francisco). I was surprised to see the seedling below. I’m not sure what it is, but it looks like a pine tree seedling.

Baby Seedling

Mr. Dandelion was gone, by the way.

I then thought, if the landscaper were to see it, they would just pull it out like a weed… so I pulled it up as carefully as I could, to plant in a pot. I kinda snapped the root, so I’m not sure if it’ll make it, but I guess we’ll see…

  • It does indeed look like a pine of some sort. I know what you mean about the landscapers. Twice I’ve seen tree seedlings in the landscape at work, and before I could get there with something to get them with, the gardener has pulled them up.

    • That’s how I felt… so I ran in to get a plastic cup, luckily it was raining, so there were no landscapers in sight :)

  • As new as this is, the urge to grow may very well overcome any root snappings. I have a holly seedling I scored under similar conditions, but lucky for me the ground was very very wet and the root didn’t snap.