Books + Videos

Our city library was renovating, so I haven’t been able to check stuff out. I check it tonight and they were open… so, yeay, I got some books:

– How Plants Get Their Names by L.H.Bailey
– Japanese Gardens in a Weekend by Robert Ketchell
– Creating Water Gardens by Ortho Books
– The Complete Book of Cacti & Succulents by Terry Hewitt
– Western Garden Annual 1994 Edition by the Sunset Editors

I also noticed that they had videos and DVDs, so I checked them out and to my surprise, there were garden videos (under 635). I was doublely excited when I found tapes of a series that I’ve been looking for:

– Gardening Naturally – Getting Started
– Gardening Naturally – Preparing for Spring

Both with Barbara Damrosch and Elliot Coleman. I recorded these way back when it aired on PBS (I think). Well, a coworker borrow it and lost it!!! I’ve been hoping I run into it on TV, but I’ve never seen it since… ’til now.

  • I’ve been wanting another book on cacti & succulents, so let me know what you think of the Hewitt book after you look at it?

    • I’ll definitely tell you what I think. I previously checked out this great book by Yvonne Cave called Succulents for the Contemporary Garden ( Amazon link ). You might wanna check that one out.

  • Reading about gardening is almost as fun as gardening!

    • I was just thinking the same thing. Since I haven’t really been planting outside, I’ve been watching programs, reading journals, read books and magazines and looking at photos… I can’t give it up though, so when I’m not gardening outside, I’m doing something inside, like my cuttings and propagation.