Home Depot Gift Card + Whole Lotta Bulbs

When my brother got home this evening, he gave me a birthday card with a Home Depot Gift Card :) Thank you Kuya Rene!!!

Whole Lotta Bulbs

He also bought a whole lotta bulbs from the clearance bins for 2 cents per pack. Total cost = 76 cents.

11 x (18) Sparaxis tricolor
4 x (8) Daffodils Mixed Colors
8 x (8) Daffodils ‘Fortune’
4 x (20) Muscari armeniacum
7 x (8) Daffodils ‘King Alfred type’
2 x (10) Daffodils Miniature Mixed Colors
1 x (75) Muscari armeniacum
1 x (75) Yellow Crocus

I wonder where we are gonna plant all this?