Home Depot Gift Card + Whole Lotta Bulbs

When my brother got home this evening, he gave me a birthday card with a Home Depot Gift Card :) Thank you Kuya Rene!!!

Whole Lotta Bulbs

He also bought a whole lotta bulbs from the clearance bins for 2 cents per pack. Total cost = 76 cents.

11 x (18) Sparaxis tricolor
4 x (8) Daffodils Mixed Colors
8 x (8) Daffodils ‘Fortune’
4 x (20) Muscari armeniacum
7 x (8) Daffodils ‘King Alfred type’
2 x (10) Daffodils Miniature Mixed Colors
1 x (75) Muscari armeniacum
1 x (75) Yellow Crocus

I wonder where we are gonna plant all this?

  • Holy Schmoly! And I was excited about my bulb purchases at Lowes the other day. Yours blows that out of the water. Awesome!

    That’s a lot of bulbs!

    • It is a lot. I would have just bought a few, but my brother gets everything… but then either me or my Mom plants them…

  • Wow. Score! And happy birthday, too.

    • Yup yup… I guess we’ll figure out a place to put them… or give some away :)

      • You haven’t got much time to get them in the ground, have you? I imagine they’ll need some cold weather to break their dormancy?

        I gave a ton of bulbs to my sister this fall — I dug them up from the community garden last spring, since I knew the place was going to be trashed in a few months. She handed them on to an environmental awareness group at her son’s elementary school, which planted them on the school grounds, so I have the pleasure of knowing that the bulbs are probably safe for some time. They were about 99.5% daffodils, so they’ll live long and prosper, most likely.

        I don’t think I get enough sun in The Courtyard for them to flourish.

  • I always look forward to seeing bulb and seed packages each year on display. They are really pretty and give me a warm sunny feeling.

    • They definitely are cool, especially when you go to large nurseries and see varieties that you didn’t even know exist.

  • yay for spring bulbs!

    • Give me a “B”… Give me a “U”… Give me a “L”… Give me another “B”… Yeay BULBS!!! hehe :)

  • Happy birthday, Joey. Good score! :b

    • Thank you :) My brother is a packrat and always goes to the clearance bins, thrift stores and garage sales… He ends up buying a lot of things he doesn’t even uses… But these is definitely a good score… Maybe my oldest brother who bought a new house can use some…