Wish List: Stapelia

I’m surprised I’ve never seen the succulents in the genus Stapelia until I stumbled upon this photo of it ( link ). I’m adding this to my wish list. Here are two species I found on davesgarden.com that I like:

Stapelia gigantea ( link )
Stapelia flavopurpurea ( link )

So if you have any of these and have babies to spare, wanna share with me?

  • Oh, there are lots of pictures of those in Succulents. I’ve drooled & drooled. I didn’t realize that’s what the plant looked like, though, because the photos I’ve seen showed mostly just flower.

    If you find a source, please let me know? The flowers can get up to 12″ across!

  • wow..lovely!

  • I’ve seen pics of these, and they are quite pretty flowers.