Columbine Update…

I read in a few sites that Columbine seeds need to be pre-chilled for a period of time, so I placed the ones I have, plus the ones from lblanchard in the refrigerator. I’m not sure how long I should chill them, so I have some more research to do.

I also read in a few sites and from some people that Columbines are difficult to sow from seeds. My mom agrees, and says the only way she’s been able to grow them, is by taking the volunteers from the garden and replanting them. I think I have a challenge…

Crowded and Hectic…

I haven’t been able to keep up with my gardening journal/photos/comments/etc. because two of my nephews are visiting from Japan and Korea.

Eric will be here for two weeks and Edwin for three. Their kids live here in Vallejo with their respective moms (my nephew’s ex-wives) and all six kids are staying here while my nephews visit. So it’s been hectic and crowded here. Imagine 14 people sleeping in a four bedroom house. Once I get home, I immediately help my Mom cook dinner.

This evening, my nephews and the kids went out to Scandia for one of my great-nephew’s birthday. So me and my Mom got a little break and had a quiet dinner. I was still so tired from the past few days and totally fell asleep after dinner watching TV.

I got up in the middle of the night and worked on the computer for a bit. I was going to organize my seedling photos, but somehow collected photos of my pets and posted those instead. So if you wanna see photos of some of my pets here’s a link:

( “My Pets” album on )

BTW, the seedlings are doing great. I also took photos of my over-wintered Coleus, and will photo all these along with some new plants I bought when time permits.

Alphabits Terrariums

Alphabits Terrariums

One of my earliest gardening memories was getting one of these terrariums in my Alpha-bits cereal. I had the yellow one on the right. Our neighbor had the middle one. I asked her if I can have it, but she wanted to keep hers.

Outgrown Again…

I’m running out of room on my shelves for the seedling I planted, so I got another 2 tubed fluorescent shop light. Instead of a 2 footer, I got a bigger 3 footer, which will still fit on my shelf, but will stick out of one side by about 3 inches.

I rearranged the shelves, trying to optimize the little space I have. I left the aquarium, but removed the aquarium light and just placed the 2 footer shop light on that shelf. On the other is the 3 footer.

Once everything was done, I plugged in the lights and it was so bright!!! I didn’t realize that the 3 footer gave off so much light than the 2 footer. My vegetable seedlings will love this!

I also planted one lone Coleus ‘Exhibition Magma’ seed. That’s the only one I could find. Hopefully, it’ll grow.

More Seedlings…

The Sugar Snap Peas, Roma Tomato, Clemson Spineless Okra and Hybrid Summer Boy Chin-Chiang Cabbage have sprouted in 4 days.

…and last in the Coleus seedling race: Coleus ‘Dark Star’ who took 8 days to sprout.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Here are some Coleus hearts (from my Coleus ‘Burgundy Wedding Train’) to you… Happy Valentine’s Day!

Burgundy Wedding Train

More Seedlings…

After 3 days, the Bok Choy and Mighty Red Oak Lettuce are sprouting.

Columbine Happy!!!

I relieved a package from lblanchard containing Columbine seeds which I am excited to try to grow. There are four different kinds:

– Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila ‘Selection’
– Aquilegia flabellata ‘Nana Alba’
– Aquilegia canadensis
– Aquilegia sp. (yellow long spurred)

Wow! There are so many seeds!!! It’s nice to know, that I’m not the only one who collected seeds (and cuttings) and nurtures them. I’ll try my best to grow these.

THANK YOU SO MUCH LAURA!!! :) I owe you, do you need/want anything?