Happy Valentines Day!!!

Here are some Coleus hearts (from my Coleus ‘Burgundy Wedding Train’) to you… Happy Valentine’s Day!

Burgundy Wedding Train

  • Good luck

  • They are beautiful. I have never seen them before.

    • Yup yup! they are pretty. I’m glad I took cuttings which I’m over-wintering indoors.

  • Wow those are so pretty!!!!!

    • Thank you Meighan. It’s a nice cascading Coleus which contrasted nicely with the other upright Coleus.

  • Happy V-Day to you, Joey…that’s a beautiful coleus! :) Another one for my must-have list….

    • Thank you Jay, Come spring, I hope I can get the cutting of this growing, so I can take even more cuttings. We can do some trading if you can’t get it up there :)