Columbine Update…

I read in a few sites that Columbine seeds need to be pre-chilled for a period of time, so I placed the ones I have, plus the ones from lblanchard in the refrigerator. I’m not sure how long I should chill them, so I have some more research to do.

I also read in a few sites and from some people that Columbines are difficult to sow from seeds. My mom agrees, and says the only way she’s been able to grow them, is by taking the volunteers from the garden and replanting them. I think I have a challenge…

  • I’d have to agree…I’ve tried starting three different varieties this year, and so far it’s a no go. I *think* I may have a few sprouts of one variety coming up. But a little more time will tell. I just started them in a large rectangle pot in my greenhouse, and now I’m not sure if it’s some weed that got transposed or columbine. ::sigh::

    Good luck.

    • Your columbine seedlings’ first leaves will be fat ovals, almost round, and very blue-green. The true leaves will be lobed. They look a little bit like common yellow oxalis when they’re young, except for the color. The oxalis are green green, whereas the columbines are definitely on the blue side of the green family.

      Are your seeds uncovered? They need light to germinate.

      • oohhh.. thanks for the info! Then if this is the case I think I do have some germinated!! Yep, I kept them uncovered. I’m glad I did now :)

    • I’m so jealous that you have a greenhouse!!! I also *think* that I have some sprouting from seeds that I sowed back in Jan. 31, but I too am not sure… I still have hope… I’m crossing my fingers.

      • I *love* my greenhouse. It’s just a portable one that’s held in with stakes, but it’s great. It’s 8’x8’x6’high. It took a beating during the hurricane and ended up with some rips in it, but otherwise it stood it’s ground suprisingly well. I’m planning on buying another one because you can attach them together to make a larger one. Should be doing that some time soon.

  • Chilling them won’t hurt. Forty to sixty days should do it.

    The trick is to keep the seeds moist AND uncovered for the length of time it takes them to germinate, which can be upwards of a month. I’ve had variable luck with them.

    • Oh wow! Forty to sixty days… I really have to be patient. I’m still keeping the previous ones I sowed moist and uncovered. I hope they germinate…