Crowded and Hectic…

I haven’t been able to keep up with my gardening journal/photos/comments/etc. because two of my nephews are visiting from Japan and Korea.

Eric will be here for two weeks and Edwin for three. Their kids live here in Vallejo with their respective moms (my nephew’s ex-wives) and all six kids are staying here while my nephews visit. So it’s been hectic and crowded here. Imagine 14 people sleeping in a four bedroom house. Once I get home, I immediately help my Mom cook dinner.

This evening, my nephews and the kids went out to Scandia for one of my great-nephew’s birthday. So me and my Mom got a little break and had a quiet dinner. I was still so tired from the past few days and totally fell asleep after dinner watching TV.

I got up in the middle of the night and worked on the computer for a bit. I was going to organize my seedling photos, but somehow collected photos of my pets and posted those instead. So if you wanna see photos of some of my pets here’s a link:

( “My Pets” album on )

BTW, the seedlings are doing great. I also took photos of my over-wintered Coleus, and will photo all these along with some new plants I bought when time permits.

  • I have really missed your posts and was wondering what was up, if all was ok etc….

    Seems like a wild time at your place, but a good time too, as family is precious. So many little ones all at once must be quite a handful! ;)

    Cute pix of your pets. While looking at them, I clicked on the link to your marvelous pictures taken at Golden Gate Park. They are so beautiful. I was just there on February 3rd, for the first time ever. I took a day trip up and spent the day in San Francisco when I was staying in Santa Cruz.I can not wait to go back and spend a proper amount of time in San Francisco, especially Strybing.

    In 1995, I visited New Zealand and have always loved the flora and fauna of that place so much, thus the New Zealand garden at the park was wonderful to me to see. I saw so many old favorites again.

    BTW, I have a few seeds I would be happy to send you, from my garden, if you would like. Just drop me an e-mail…the address is on my info page. Plus I do not have you on my Halloween-X-mas-StPatrick’s Day-Earth Day card mailing list yet! ;)

    again, glad to see you are fine, just a bit busy with family at the moment.

    • Yeah… I just haven’t had the time for posting and fixing up photos… but I agree with you, family is precious… so, it’s a great opportunity to do some bonding… plus the kids are asking me why I have bright lights and plants on my shelves :)

      I’m glad you enjoyed Strybing. That was my first time there and I didn’t get the chance to visit it all. Who did you go with?

      What are those seeds that you speak of? I’ll send ya an email :)

  • Wow, 14 houseguests?

    I enjoyed the pix of your pets. I was a little startled with the one of Marty in the apt windowsill (the last one) until I read the comment. Funny.

    Enjoy the family visit! Wow, Korea and Japan, I guess visitations are not very frequent…