4 Tid Bits…

For Christmas, one of my best friends, Michael, gave me Tulips in this cool little pot. The Tulips are emerging and now about 1 inch tall.

Sprouting Tulips

I found this near the area where I found the seedling from a few day ago. I think they are Pine Nuts. Can anyone confirm? I planted them and we’ll see if they grow.

Pine Nuts?

My co-worker’s Zygocactus is dropping its leaves. She was going to throw the broken pieces away, so I yelled “NO!!!”… and she gave it to me. Yet another propagation project.

Broken Zygocactus

After work, I passed by Target and saw these Terra Cotta Pots that I thought were cool. They are different than your standard Terra Cotta Pot. They measure 4 inch wide by 3.5 inch tall and cost 79 cents each. (3 cents more than all 600 bulbs my brother got yesterday)

Terra Cotta Pots

  • I love the tulip container. Very nice.

    • Yes, Michael can be creative himself :) He’s starting up his own landscaping business in Reno and I hope he does well.

  • I go out and check my tulips each day, still no shoots coming out :( I just planted them, so …I’m a little impatient.

    I love those pots, I have to go to Target today too. I’m going to look for some of those!

    • Here in the Bay Area, they have sprouted since late November/early December. I haven’t check outside, but my Mom says the Hyacinths already have small blooms.

      Did you find those pots? I saw them in other Target stores too, but they are indoors in the houseplant section.

  • I can’t confirm pine nuts but now that you mention it your little plant sure looked like it was wearing a pine-nut hat.

    The pots are cool.

    What color was your coworker’s zygocactus? I have plant lust for that ‘Gold charm’ variety but as you know I have strict rules about buying plants so I’m targeting as a possible donor.

    On the other hand, I have five here that I’d be willing to share: a pale pink, almost white; a salmon; a brilliant red; a solid brilliant pink; and a hot pink with white centers. Hmmm, I should take pictures while they’re all blooming, shouldn’t I?

    • I think it’s pine-nut hat was so cute!

      I don’t really know the color of my coworker’s Zygocactus, but it hasn’t bloomed. I don’t think she’s a garden person :P

      You definite should take photos :) We have a bunch outside in our back patio, but I haven’t had time to check them, since it’s already cold and dark when I get home from work.

  • You should work as a photographer. You are very talented with photo taking.

    • Thank you… I think my background in graphic design helps with my compositions.

  • Without a scale for size, I can’t tell if those might be from pine cones, or if they are acorns.

    I like the shape on the pots from Target. Sadly I have so many empty terracotta pots that I can’t justify buying more. Want some pots? I’ll probably be getting rid of some when I move (sometime in the next month).

    • Those pine nut looking things were about 1/2 – 3/4 inch long. I already placed them in soil… I’ll see what comes out. We have a lot of terra cotta pots here too, but I keep my eye out for different shaped ones. I like using them for my cacti and succulents.

  • I said it before, but you take wonderful photos! Question: Is the pot the tulips are in lined with plastic? I have a couple containers of similar type I’d like to use, but didn’t know if I should line them first.

    • No, I don’t think Michael lined it with plastic. The pot itself is galvanized, so it should be okay. Unless my metal containers are galvanized, I wouldn’t put soil directly in it because it’ll rust.