Tired and Busy, but I Had to Clean the Babies…

I’ve been tired and busy lately and haven’t had time to do any gardening, although I stayed up late last night and did some maintenance on the Coleus cutting in my aquarium. There were a few aphids and some type of white bugs, so I took every cutting and brushed them and submerged them in water. I also took the time to give them fresh water and get rid of dying leaves and cuttings. A few didn’t make it, but others are doing fine.

The Coleus ‘Bronze Pagoda’ was getting big and doing well, so I took it to work to make some room in the aquarium.

The Unknown Coleus from Target is also looking strong, so I’m going to pot it up in soil pretty soon and also bring that one to work.

I also ID’ed one of my Coleus, from a flickr user who posted his photo ( link ) in the Coleus group I created. It is called ‘Oompah’.

At work, the ginger is showing it first set of leaves. I also noticed two more ginger sprouts growing on our ginger at home. I’m going to take these to work and pot it in soil.

  • You are a good Papa!

    Things sound as if they are doing well.

  • Nice. I think I have a piece of “Oompah.” I snapped it from a plant in a hospital parking lot in late August.

    Oh, maybe it isn’t — mine is a little different in coloration. See

    Remind me — how did you come by the ginger? Is it regular ginger from the supermarket?

    • Your’s looks very similar, but has more cream color than the images I found on Google. Maybe it’s a sport or a different variety.

      Those ginger just grew out of the ginger roots we bought from the Filipino grocery store. My mom just keeps them out on the counter, so I think room temperature is ideal for sprouting.