Seed Purchases

I had some time to kill at work and did some seed shopping online:

I ordered these Asian herbs and veggie at Evergreen Seeds:

Large Leaf Korean Perilla – Coleus-like Perilla with a unique flavor between mint and basil
Tia To Vietnamese Perilla – Green color leaves with purplish red on the back
Red Stripe Leaf Amaranth – Edible large green leaves with red stripes
All Red Edible Amaranth – Edible all red leaves
Mino Early Daikon Radish – A long-time Japanese Daikon Radish favorite
Smooth Beauty Luffa – Light green skinned edible Luffa
Maiko Garland Chrysanthemum – Edible Asian Greens
Thai Lemon Basil – Thai Hoary Basil

I also ordered these hard-to-find and usual plants at Amishland Heirloom Seeds:

Strawberry Spinach – (Chenopodium capitatum) Spinach and Strawberries in one
Sikkim Cucumber – (Cucumis sativus var. sikkimensis) Cantaloupe-like Cucumber
Brandywine OTV Tomato – A sub variety of the famous Brandywine Tomato
Scarlet Chinese Eggplant – (Solanum integrifolium) Miniature Pumpkins-like fruits
Great White Tomato – Big white Beefsteaks

  • Oh, wow! Thanks for the links. I’ve wanted so much to try the strawberry spinach, but couldn’t find it.

    I’ve never eaten perilla or amaranth. Can you describe how you use them or what the flavor is?

    • I’ve never seen Strawberry Spinach in my life, but it looked very interesting, so I want to try it. I’m glad you “found” a link for it ;) Amishland Heirloom Seeds sounds like a small, but very interesting nursery.

      I’ve never eaten Perilla or Amaranth either, but I like the foliage, and will grow them in pots with my Coleus. I think they’ll compliment the Coleus well… and as a bonus, I can harvest it and experiment with some new recipes :)

      • I had seeds a few years ago, but had a water heater leak and the seeds ended up being ruined. After that, I couldn’t find them till now. Amishland has LOTS of interesting things.

        Yay for new recipes! I may try it myself.

      • I found another site that also has strawberry spinach and has a little more info on them. Also on the same page is the asparagus pea, which is neither asparagus or pea, but is not only tasty but has very pretty pea-like flowers on it. Just thought you might find it interesting.

  • I’ve tried the Lemon Basil last year…it was fantastic! The most beautiful scent too!

    • Just the name sounds wonderful. Basil + Lemon… I love lemon scents, like Lemon Verbena, Lemon Grass, Lemon Thyme… oh yeah… and also Lemons :)

  • Cool stuff! I’ll be going heavy on the peppers this year, sweet and hot…no other veggies gave me so much for so little effort last year, and they keep like to forever. :)

    • Wow! You been using new icons. Are they new or you just didn’t use them… and is the guy in the shower a photo of you?

      I want to grow more peppers, but I don’t have good luck with them. We usually just get one harvest from them and that’s it. I dug up two of my favorites, pepperoncini and a small purple thai pepper and potted it in pots to overwinter. I’m hoping since they are “older” plants, they will bare more and bigger fruits.

      Do you inter-plant you peppers with your other (non-vegetable) plants?

      • 1. I think my icon count is up to 60 now…I can add 40 more. :)

        2. Shower guy, regretably, is not me…though I ain’t bad in my own right for such an oldster. ;)

        3. I grow my peppers in containers on a sunny balcony…my yard is small and almost all of it shady. The extra heat they get growing in black plastic pots against a reflective south-facing wall gives really amazing results! Not bad tomatoes and even eggplant, but the peppers did better than anything else. I grew ‘Sweet Banana’, ‘Thai Dragon’ and one that was supposed to be ‘Bolivian Rainbow’ but ended up some kind of large, sweet, yummy pimiento-like thing.

        • Wow!… you get 100 icons? I think I only get 6… hmm, now if I had a permanent account… hehe (I nominated you by the way)

          I didn’t even think of growing pepper in black plastic pots. Maybe I should try that for this year.

        • I love your new mutt heritage icon. It is new to me anyway.

          • I like it, too…my other one needed re-working a bit, then there was room for a word and “MUTT” just naturally came to mind. :b

  • I have grown Perilla for two years, but never knew it was edible.

    We grow a lot of Amaranth at work, as our specialty is rare and unusual woody cuts and vines, and it is an unusual cut flower, if not exactly a woody stem.