More Seeds, Books and Videos

I finally got my seeds from Amishland Heirloom Seeds in the mail. One of the bags had a hole, so I lost some of the Strawberry Spinach

I also return the past videos and got some new ones:
– YardWorks! Planting & Growth
– Morris Video Garden * Lawn Series: Pruning
– Rebecca’s Garden Volume 1 – Basic Gardening
– Rebecca’s Garden Volume 6 – Summer in the Garden

Along with these books:
– Ortho Books: All About Pruning by Judy Lowe
– Pruning and Grafting by Oliver E. Allen and the Editors of Time-Life Books

Seed Purchases

I had some time to kill at work and did some seed shopping online:

I ordered these Asian herbs and veggie at Evergreen Seeds:

Large Leaf Korean Perilla – Coleus-like Perilla with a unique flavor between mint and basil
Tia To Vietnamese Perilla – Green color leaves with purplish red on the back
Red Stripe Leaf Amaranth – Edible large green leaves with red stripes
All Red Edible Amaranth – Edible all red leaves
Mino Early Daikon Radish – A long-time Japanese Daikon Radish favorite
Smooth Beauty Luffa – Light green skinned edible Luffa
Maiko Garland Chrysanthemum – Edible Asian Greens
Thai Lemon Basil – Thai Hoary Basil

I also ordered these hard-to-find and usual plants at Amishland Heirloom Seeds:

Strawberry Spinach – (Chenopodium capitatum) Spinach and Strawberries in one
Sikkim Cucumber – (Cucumis sativus var. sikkimensis) Cantaloupe-like Cucumber
Brandywine OTV Tomato – A sub variety of the famous Brandywine Tomato
Scarlet Chinese Eggplant – (Solanum integrifolium) Miniature Pumpkins-like fruits
Great White Tomato – Big white Beefsteaks