Unusual Vegetables…

I saw yougrowgirl’s photo on Instagram of the book “Unusual vegetables: Something new for this year’s garden“. The font on the cover reminded me of old gardening books I had when I was young. I was curious and looked it up on Amazon. The cheapest new copy was $103.52… but they had a used (very good condition) for 1ยข… so I went ahead and bought it.

One of My Photos Appears in This Book…

I was so excited when I got this in the mail. One of my photos of our compost bin appears in the book “I Garden: Urban Style” by Reggie Solomon and Michael Nolan… Page 114 to be exact :)

I Garden: Urban Style

I Garden: Urban Style

I Garden: Urban Style

You can order the book from Amazon.

Basketball Jones + Hail…

  • 9:02am Starting “Basketball Jones” by E. Lynn Harris… #
  • 7:00pm Dang! I’m being attacked by hail… #

Sunset Magazine

My Mom just got an offer in the mail to get Sunset Magazine (12 issues/year) for $12 and she asked if we should get it… I told her a big “Yup”… The End…


I almost forgot to return some of the books and video that I had borrowed. Luckily, the library doesn’t close until 9pm. So I quickly drove over, return the books and video and got a few more:

– 100 Heirloom Tomatoes for the American Garden by Carolyn J. Miles
– Northern California Gardening – A Month by Month Guide by Katherine Grace Endicott
– Golden Gate Gardening by Pam Peirce

I haven’t had a chance to read and reply to my LiveJournal and Flickr accounts, so I’m behind on that. So if you commented or asked me a question… I’ll get back to you soon.

Coleus – A Guide to Cultivation and Identification (1974)

I just won this on eBay. On Amazon, it cost $77.53 used. I got it for GBP 4.20 (or $7.43) plus shipping.


The description reads:

Coleus – A Guide to Cultivation and Identification

– Published Edinburgh, John Bartholomew 1974
– 8vo with 116 pages, colour plates/illustrations.
– Book in very good condition, with slighly faded dust jacket .
– First edition signed by both Pedley brothers who were Lancashire nurserymen.
– A delightful little book covering every aspect of cultivation of this versatile plant.

More Seeds, Books and Videos

I finally got my seeds from Amishland Heirloom Seeds in the mail. One of the bags had a hole, so I lost some of the Strawberry Spinach

I also return the past videos and got some new ones:
– YardWorks! Planting & Growth
– Morris Video Garden * Lawn Series: Pruning
– Rebecca’s Garden Volume 1 – Basic Gardening
– Rebecca’s Garden Volume 6 – Summer in the Garden

Along with these books:
– Ortho Books: All About Pruning by Judy Lowe
– Pruning and Grafting by Oliver E. Allen and the Editors of Time-Life Books

More Books + Video

Once I got home from work and MacWorld, I return my videos to the city library and borrowed more books:

– Jeff Cox’s 100 Greatest Garden Ideas by (duh?) Jeff Cox
– Who Named the Daisy? Who Named the Rose? by Mary Durant
– Apartment 3-A Mariposa St. by Fanny A. Garcia (a short book written in Tagalog)

I also got two more videos:

– Yardening: How to Grow & Nurture Seedling
– Yardening: How to Grow Cool-Weather Vegetables

Both in the Yardening series with Jeff Ball