Another Quick Late Night Planting

I seem to be on a Salad Greens planting kick and I really want to get some Mizuna, so after work I stopped by Orchard Supply Hardware to see if they had any. They didn’t, but I found a jumbo six-pack of Salad Greens that contained Leaf Lettuce, Arugula and Radicchio. After dinner and washing the dishes, I planted it right away into a large Daiso pot, that I generally use for Salad Greens.

Another quick late night planting. I'm on a salad greens kick and stopped by Orchard Supply Hardware after work to see if they had any Mizuna for sale. They didn't have any, but I got a jumbo six-pack of these salad greens which includes Lettuce, Arugula

I also bought a seed packet of Renee’s Garden Mild Mustard Mix, which at least contains Mizuna seeds, along with other Mustards.

Also, we had a bit of rain… well, not hard rain, but a strong sprinkle or drizzle. I’m not sure it’s enough to penetrate inches into the dry soil, but it’ll increase some moisture.

Near Freezing Temperatures?…

I just heard on the news that some cities in the Bay Area may have near freezing temperatures tonight. Oh man! I’m not even for cold weather yet… I haven’t even taken cuttings from my Coleus to overwinter indoor… and I’m almost out of Jiffy Jumbo Pellets so I have to get more.

Unusual Summer Rain…

We had an unusual summer day with rain. It was pouring earlier today, so I placed pots, buckets and plastic bins where ever I can to catch the rain, since our rain barrel was already almost full.

Overflowing Rain Barrel

The plastic bin below are the same bins that I used to wintersow some of my seeds. I’m glad I didn’t drill holes on the bottom. Now if has multiple uses.

Catching Rain in Plastic Bins

Feb 26, 2011 Garden Update…

The Tidy Tips Folia that I sowed 3 days ago are already sprouting…

One of my Mom’s Cymbidium Orchid is just about to bloom.


Some of my Mom’s Alstroemeria were slightly damaged from last night’s frost, so she placed these plastic domes over them, since we are expecting another night of frost.

Frost Protection

28°F + Citrus Turkey Brine…


28°F is really cold for Vallejo. I think I’m going to bust out my thermals before going out to the garden” 

Citrus Turkey Brine

“I feel like a Mad Scientist as I make this Citrus Turkey Brine (vs Good Eats Brine) concoction” 

Freeze Watch…

Freeze Watch

“Oh no… They issued a Freeze Watch for most of the Bay Area tonight” <

First Frost Advisory + Pineapple Progress…

Pineapple Progress

We got our first frost advisory this evening, so I took the two one-gallon pots of Pineapples I have in the backyard and placed them in the patio for a little bit of protection. It was 42°F When I went outside.

Basketball Jones + Hail…

  • 9:02am Starting “Basketball Jones” by E. Lynn Harris… #
  • 7:00pm Dang! I’m being attacked by hail… #