Pineapple Seedling Progress…

I have two Pineapple Folia seedlings (grown from seeds) survive. One is doing really well and the other is hanging on… I will separate these and plant them into a slightly larger pot.

Pineapple Seedling Progress

First Frost Advisory + Pineapple Progress…

Pineapple Progress

We got our first frost advisory this evening, so I took the two one-gallon pots of Pineapples I have in the backyard and placed them in the patio for a little bit of protection. It was 42°F When I went outside.

Tiny Pineapple Sprout…

48 days after sowing… I finally see a tiny Pineapple sprout.

Pineapple Sprout

Found Pineapple Seeds + More Grafting…

12:27am The Winged Bean that I soaked wasn’t doing anything, so I took an xacto knife and carefully removed the bean’s coating… #

2:45pm It was so fascinating seeing Cocoa fruits in a Kashi commercial. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. Had to rewind it several times… #

2:46pm Found about a dozen Pineapple seeds in a Pineapple… Guess what imma do with them?… #

4:28pm Grafting European Pears, Asian Pears, Persimmons and Apples#

A Lot of Gardening Be Done…

I was pritty much out in the garden from about 1-9pm, with an exception of about an hour nap. I got caught up in a lot of gardening tasks.

I added more amendments to the veggie bed I’ve been working on. I have more than three quarters filled. The other quarter still has Chocolate Mint, some Columbines, and Hyacinth bulbs which I still have to dig up. I may just leave it like this for now. I added two more trellises and transplanted (more) Lemon Cucumbers, Sikkim Cucumbers and Smooth Beauty Luffas.

There’s a short Calamasi tree in the middle of the bed, which isn’t doing well. My Mom says that we have never gotten any Calamansi to grow well in the back, so she was open to pulling it out and planting it in a 5 gallon or bigger pot. I’m still not sure if I will pull it or not.

I planted two Pineapples that were rooting in water into small pots. I now have a total of three Pineapple plants.

I also potted some Thai Basil that was leftover from a Pho lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. It really sprouted a lot of roots in water.

Thai Basil   Thai Basil Roots

I dead headed a lot of the flowers in front as well as collecting some Columbine seeds. Some of my Coleus are starting to bloom, so I removed the blooms so they can focus on growing more.

I also remembered that I bought two of those Message Bean thingies back in December and set them up following directions. After about an hour, I was so curious to see what kind of seeds they were, so dug them out. They were huge beans that I didn’t recognize. Instead of planting them in the little containers they came in I potted them up in drinking cups with potting soil.

Magic Sproutz Egg Plant and Secret Fortune   Message Beans

I potted up the Kalanchoe tubiflora that grew from leaflets ( photo ) I found into a terra cotta pot.

Potted Kalanchoe Tubiflora

I also transplanted two Pines that I grew from collected seeds into one gallon containers. These are my future Christmas trees. (see my next journal entry for photos)

My brother got a total of three pallets of damaged potting soil, mulch, etc. bags from Home Depot. Each pallet contains about 10 bags for a little over $5. I can’t remember how many pallets he said has gotten so far. He also go a garden gate on clearance from Target.

New Stuff for Friday…

Friday, I woke up late so I drove to work. I stayed late to make up some time and after I got off, I walked around to see if I could get some Knotweeds that I’ve been wanting. Call me weird, but I really like these weed a lot and and to grow them.


I found this large leaf Coleus which looks like a combination of a ‘Green Kong’ and ‘Schizophrenia’. I had to take a maintenance clipping of it.

Unknown Coleus 5/19/06

Once I got to Vallejo, I picked my Mom up and we went to the hospital to visit my niece who just gave birth to my new great niece Mahliyah Belle.

Once we got back home. I took my new cuttings and potted them up.

Knotweed Cuttings

I also potted up the Pineapple that is starting to sprout roots and took cutting of some of my other Coleus that either grew too leggy or were still rooting in water.

Potted Pineapple   Coleus Cuttings

Last week, we brought home some flowers from the Naic Town Fiesta. There were two Roses which I really liked and wondered if they would grow. I took cutting of them and just planted those in water. To my surprise, they are starting to sprout, so I went ahead and potted those cuttings and covered this up with a plastic bag.

Peach Rose Cuttings   Pink Edged Yellow Rose Cuttings

I didn’t even think these would sprout, so I’m pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, these will take root and give us the Roses on the next entry.

I Just Gotta Do What I Can!

Sometimes I feel like I have so much plant and gardening projects going on, that I don’t have time for it all.

For example I’ve been wanting to build up two of the three garden beds in the back yard, but haven’t had the chance to. I still have bolting Swiss Chard and radishes and I have not amended the soil.

I just checked the planting chart I have pinned to my wall, and I think I am still okay to plant vegetables for the summer. Maybe I’m just getting anxious with the little time I have after work… or maybe I’m getting discouraged when I see fully grown tomatoes and peppers in the stores, when the one that I planted from seeds are still little… but I just checked mine and they have continued to grow since I took them outside. So maybe I’m just stressing over nothing.

My Mom just reminded me that she found the scions that I got in January. Oh my! I thought they were dead… but some are still buds, some are a little bit open and some that sprouted are dried up and dead… but all of them don’t seem dried out. I’m still going to try to graft these even thought it’s late. Who knows…

Anyways, I was going to complain more, but I see that I just have to do what I can and learn from it. I think I have to ask for a few days off to tend to the garden :)

BTW, remember the tomato seedlings that I cut and rooted because they looked like they were dying?.. Well, I just check them and they have really bounced back and look much more full of GREEN leaves than the seedlings that I didn’t cut.

Also, remember the Pineapple we got about a week and a half ago… I placed the Pineapple top in water and it has started to show signs of roots!!! YEAY!

OK… I’m tired… I must get ready for bed…

You Know You’re a Gardener… (#1 Pineapple)

You know you’re a gardener when you buy a Pineapple primarily to plant it.

Last night, my Mom and I went grocery shopping and Pineapples were on sale for $1.49… I’m going to try to plant this one…

Pineapple Closeup   Pineapple Closeup