My Fall TV Lineup…

I’m just bored so here’s the television shows that I watch/record weekly:

– Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting
– Quiting Arts
– 90210

– The New Normal

– Quilt in a Day
– Guys with Kids
– Modern Family
– The Neighbors
– Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

– The Office
– Jersey Shore
– The Big Bang Theory

– Go On

– Easy Chinese
– Garden Smart
– Saturday Night Live

– The Walking Dead

Coming back in the Spring:
– Baby Daddy
– Melissa & Joey

Backstreet Boys + New Kids on the Block on AMA…

“Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block are coming up together next on the American Music Awards… Whoohoo!”

“Man!… I just got an email from Netflix saying that they are raising their prices next month… bummer…”


This makes me smile :)

Garam Masala…

Just learn how to make a simple Garam Masala mixture from the Spice Goddess on The Cooking Channel :) I love that show!

At Work…

10:39am I just became the mayor of Priority Parking Lot (Pier 15 & 17) on @foursquare!

12:35pm Labeling 200 CDs… and watching Modern Family on Hulu to keep me sane :)

12:54pm Yeay!!! Fish & Chips!!! (@ Levi’s Cafeteria)

DVD/Blu-ray Player Suggestions?…

A couple days ago, my Mom expressed interest in playing her exercise videos in our living room TV since there is space there to move around (unlike our family room which is crowded). The problem is that her exercise videos are on VHS tape and we don’t have a VCR on that TV anymore.

BTW… I have been recording the TV program Sit and Be Fit for my Mom… Here she is exercising in the crowded family room. She was so adorable!


I can reinstall the VCR in the living toom, but I’m thinking of getting a DVD (or Blu-ray) Player that will play DVDs. I also want it to be multifunctional… This is what I’m looking for:

– DVD or Blu-ray Player
– Can play DVD-R with burned H.264 video (.m4v)
– WiFi (built in, I don’t want to buy a separate USB WIFI receiver)
– Can play videos (mpeg1, mpeg2, mp4, m4v) on networked computers
– Can play videos on an attached USB drive
– Netflix Now Playing
– Old style composite video output (yellow)

Any one have any suggestions?

These are some that may qualify. I still need to research further:

LG BD570 ($250) >>
LG BD590 ($380) >>
Insignia NS-WBRDVD ($180) >>

Kuya Rene on Citizen Pinoy + 3:00:00am…

12:54am My Brother just saw himself on TV on the show Citizen Pinoy (taped last year at Yerba Buena Park, SF) #

3:04am One of the geekiest things I just did was to watch my laptop’s clock turn from 1:59:59 AM to 3:00:00 AM#

Found Pineapple Seeds + More Grafting…

12:27am The Winged Bean that I soaked wasn’t doing anything, so I took an xacto knife and carefully removed the bean’s coating… #

2:45pm It was so fascinating seeing Cocoa fruits in a Kashi commercial. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. Had to rewind it several times… #

2:46pm Found about a dozen Pineapple seeds in a Pineapple… Guess what imma do with them?… #

4:28pm Grafting European Pears, Asian Pears, Persimmons and Apples#