What’s this?… Unknown Tree at St. Vincent Parking Lot…

I saw this tree with reddish leaves on a tree at our church’s parking lot (Northern San Francisco Bay Area/zone 9b).
Anyone know what this tree is?

Unknown Plant (Photo 2 of 3)

I also have another photo here.
I saw some seeds and collected some.

Unknown Plant (Photo 3 of 3)

[Update] It’s Purple-leafed Hop-bush – Dodonaea viscosa ‘Purpurea’ (Family: Sapindaceae)

Lots of Gardening Done Today…

Went to a couple nurseries and big-box home improvement stores looking for 1/4 inch drip irrigation tubing with emitters spaced 6 inches apart. I didn’t find any but got a couple of plants.

New Plants from Mid City Nursery

I got the following from Mid City Nursery:
Celery Folia 6 cell-pack (I’ve never grown Celery, except for the Asian Leaf types)
Red Russian Kale Folia 6 cell-pack
Tree Collard Folia 4 inch pot with 2 plants which I later divided into two pots Flickr
Coleus ‘Dark Star’ Folia
Coleus ‘Big Chief’ Folia

I also bought a bag of Bonsai Mix which I will try making some String Balls planters with.

As I putting things away in the patio, I found a box that contained Gladiolus, Dahlia and Asiatic Lily bulb/tuber/corms that my brother bought at clearance a month or two ago. They were not in good condition, but I thought I would go ahead and plant them just incase I can save them.

Asiatic Lily 'Stargazer'

The plants included:
Asiatic Lily ‘Stargazer’ Folia
Dahlia ‘Heat Wave’ Folia
Gladiolus ‘Wigs Sensation’ Folia
Gladiolus ‘Pastel Mixed’ Folia

Berkeley Rose Garden + Westbrae Nursery + Complete Garden Supply…

This morning, I went to the Berkeley Rose Garden to meet up with some members of the East Bay Modern Quilting Guild to take photos of some quilts. It was my first time at the Berkeley Rose Garden and they had tons of roses. I saw Cyn, Lauren with her two kids and Margaret. I didn’t have any of my own quilts but took some photos of theirs.

Afterwards, I stuck around and shot some photos of the Roses and other plants around the garden. It was a beautiful warm day… but I kept dropping my camera lenses! Argh!

I then passed by Westbrae Nursery and picked up two Coleus: Coleus ‘Mozaik Thin Mint’ Folia and Coleus ‘Mozaik Lava Red’ Folia . I also saw a pretty double Spidery Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum maximum ‘Aglaya’) Folia .

Before going back home, I also passed by Complete Garden Supply and purchased more cheap basic black pots (1, 2 and 3 galloon sizes) and some 10×10 trays.

Three New Succulents…

I got a couple new succulents today.

Found Sea Fig

Carpobrotus chilensis, Sea Fig/Ice Plant Folia
Me and my Mom went to a Filipino festival at the Vallejo waterfront. I noticed that there were Ice Plant branches near the Vallejo waterfront (parked cars ran over them), so I tore some of the healthy tips and will try to grow them.

Opuntia subulata cristata

Opuntia subulata cristata (Crested Eve’s Needle) Folia
Later, we went to Lowe’s and I found a small 2 inch crested form of Opuntia subulata, which I bought.

Cotyledon sinus-alexandri Leaves

Cotyledon sinus-alexandri Folia
Tagging along the Opuntia subulata cristata, were some broken Cotyledon sinus-alexandri leaves, which I will try to root.

Found Horseradish + Pawpaw Stratification…

I saw several Horseradish roots at a local grocery store and some had sprouts growing out of it. There were several sprouts broken off and I had to save this one. I hope it’ll grow, so I placed it in a little bit of water to try to get it to root.

Horseradish Sprout

I placed the Pawpaw seed I want to grow into moist sphagnum moss… which I then placed in a plastic bag and poked several small holes on top. I’ll refridgerate this for some time before I’ll grow it. I read that it must receive a 90 to 120 day stratification.

Pawpaw Weed Stratification

Found Pineapple Seeds + More Grafting…

12:27am The Winged Bean that I soaked wasn’t doing anything, so I took an xacto knife and carefully removed the bean’s coating… #

2:45pm It was so fascinating seeing Cocoa fruits in a Kashi commercial. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. Had to rewind it several times… #

2:46pm Found about a dozen Pineapple seeds in a Pineapple… Guess what imma do with them?… #

4:28pm Grafting European Pears, Asian Pears, Persimmons and Apples#

More Found Plants + More Sowing

Found Succulents and Asparagus Fern Seeds
I collected a few cutting along my way to work this morning. I got a sprig of Fairy Crassula (Crassula multicava) and an unusual relative of the Ice Plant (Oscularia deltoides). I also found some Aspargus Fern seeds (Asparagus densiflorus ‘Meyersii’).

Potted Succulents   Potted Succulents

Once I got home, I planted these as well as the three other succulents that I found last Saturday.

I sowed a few more seeds:

Red Pear Tomato from penguingardener
Wonder Light Tomato (Lemon-like Yellow Heirloom Tomato) also from penguingardener (Thank you, Thank you!!)

Red Texas Star Hibiscus from gypsy_soul
Pink Flowering Maple (Abutilon) also from gypsy_soul (Thank you, Thank you!!)

A few more seed just started to sprout:

Orange Ornamental Peppers from Virginia (sown 3/1, 7 days)
Calendula ‘Pacific Beauty’ (sown 2/20, 16 days)

Passiflora Spotted

As I was walking back to work from lunch today, I happen to see this pink flower, so I snapped a photo.

Pink Passiflora Flower   Pink Passiflora Cutting and Fruit

Once I got to work and looked at the photo, I realized that this is a Passiflora, so I went back and took a cutting and a fruit. I’m going to try to propagate this by both cutting and seed (if there are any viable seeds).