Nicking the Pawpaw seed…

I checked the Pawpaw seed that’s in the refrigerator and it was still rock hard and has not swelled from the moisture… so I decided to nick the edge of the seed so the moisture can reach the core and soften the shell.

Found Horseradish + Pawpaw Stratification…

I saw several Horseradish roots at a local grocery store and some had sprouts growing out of it. There were several sprouts broken off and I had to save this one. I hope it’ll grow, so I placed it in a little bit of water to try to get it to root.

Horseradish Sprout

I placed the Pawpaw seed I want to grow into moist sphagnum moss… which I then placed in a plastic bag and poked several small holes on top. I’ll refridgerate this for some time before I’ll grow it. I read that it must receive a 90 to 120 day stratification.

Pawpaw Weed Stratification

Midnight Snow Peas + Pawpaw Stratification…

Midnight Snow Peas

Back in September 2010, I was in search for purple Snap Peas. I searched online and found I wrote Dan, the purple Snap Pea breeder, but they were not yet available.

Midnight Snow Pea

I received a package of Midnight Snow Peas Folia today and will soak them in water overnight, so I can plant them tomorrow. I generally don’t like the Snow Peas that I have grown in the past, but the purple Snap Peas are still not available, so I’ll give these Snow Peas a try for now.


I don’t know if the one Pawpaw Folia seed that I got from the 2011 CRFG Scion Exchange will grow, but I’m going to give it a try.

I read that it is slow to germinate and needs stratification, so placed it in the refrigerator for now. I also read that it needs to be kept moist, so tomorrow I will get some sphagnum moss, moisten it and place the seed it in. Again, I don’t know if this will germinate, but we’ll see…


I’ve heard of Pawpaws from my Uncle Ray, who wants to get a plant, but I have never actually seen the fruit or tasted it.

I was surfing the web and happen to stumble upon a few videos from Gurney’s on YouTube. Now I’m interested to what it taste like and how it grows.

How to Cut and Serve Pawpaw Fruit on Gurney’s YouTube page.
Examples of Pawpaw Fruit on Gurney’s YouTube page.
Pawpaw Fruit Facts on CRFG website.