Wish List: Red Podded Peas…

I just harvested some Golden Podded Peas and searched the internet to see what the fruits should look like… and I happened to stumble upon photos of Red Podded Peas, which lead me to the Red Podded Peas label search in the Daughter of the Soil blog… Golden Podded Peas are new to me and I’ve never seen red ones…. They are gorgeous and I’m searching to see if any are available for sale anywhere. Hope I find some.

New Kitazawa Seed Co. Seeds…

I recently purchased five new seed packets from Kitazawa Seed Co., which is where I got my Bok Choy ‘Joi Choi’ Folia seeds that I have been planting for about 8 years now. They include:

Bok Choy ‘Golden Yellow’ Folia a bright yellowish-green Bok Choy
Bok Choy ‘Purple Choi’ Folia a dark purple leaf Bok Choy
Chard ‘Umaina’ Folia a Japanese Chard that I think is similar to the Swiss Chard ‘Green’ I have been buying
Usui Folia edible Pea shoots
Kabocha ‘Sweet Mama’ Folia a Japanese Pumpkin/Winter Squash that has a bush-like growth habit (like Zucchini)

Today, I sowed the three leaf veggies: Bok Choi ‘Golden Yellow’  Folia , Bok Choy ‘Purple Choi’  Folia  and Chard ‘Umaina’  Folia . I hope they turn out as well like my plantings of Joi Choi Bok Choy.

Midnight Snow Peas + Pawpaw Stratification…

Midnight Snow Peas

Back in September 2010, I was in search for purple Snap Peas. I searched online and found www.purplepeas.net. I wrote Dan, the purple Snap Pea breeder, but they were not yet available.

Midnight Snow Pea

I received a package of Midnight Snow Peas Folia today and will soak them in water overnight, so I can plant them tomorrow. I generally don’t like the Snow Peas that I have grown in the past, but the purple Snap Peas are still not available, so I’ll give these Snow Peas a try for now.


I don’t know if the one Pawpaw Folia seed that I got from the 2011 CRFG Scion Exchange will grow, but I’m going to give it a try.

I read that it is slow to germinate and needs stratification, so placed it in the refrigerator for now. I also read that it needs to be kept moist, so tomorrow I will get some sphagnum moss, moisten it and place the seed it in. Again, I don’t know if this will germinate, but we’ll see…

Weekend Gardening

I transplanted more Snap Peas and covered these to keep the bird from them.

It was overcast and cooler… Felt very much like a Fall day…

I potted up my recent dollar store Cactus and Succulents buys.

Potted Dollar Store Cactus and Succulents

I felt like doing more, so I decided to divide my Carex plant that I grew from found seeds into 4 pots.

Carex Plant   More Carex Plants

I then realized, maybe I should have waited and divided this in the spring… but I’m sure they’ll be ok… They’re pretty tough plants.


I checked the Peas that my Mom saw the bird eating yesterday and they looked like they were bald. I hope they will recover… My Mom but some netting around it, but I think I’ll go to the store and get the thinning netting for gardens.

I thought I was going to do more gardening, but there was not much to do. So I moved a few things around and watered a bit.

I also took a photo inventory of most of our Succulents and Cactus… I didn’t realize how much we had. I don’t even think I got everything…

Here are photos of four more additions that I purchased recently from the dollar store

Dollar Store Succulents   More Dollar Store Succulents

I’m pretty sure the tall white one is Variegated Indian Corn Cob (Euphorbia mammillaris var. variegata), but I don’t know what the others are.

2 More New Succulents + The Birds

I bought two more succulents from the dollar store. One’s a columnar cactus with four sides. The other is a Echeveria/Aeonium-type with greenish/blue/gray diamond/spoon shaped leaves. (How’s that for a description?). I’ll have to take a photos of my four new succulents I got this week and see if anyone can identify them.

When I got home, my Mom tattled-taled on the birds and told me that she saw them eating my Peas leaves!!!! Damn-it!!!!… I haven’t seen the Peas yet, but I’ll take a look tomorrow… Hopefully, they are okay and can rebound… I think I need to get a net to keep those birds out.

Weekend Gardening

I thought I would be doing a lot of gardening this weekend, but there was actually not much to do. Surprisingly, the weather was warm… even after the rains we got mid-week.

I transfered about 18 Spinach seedlings from 2 six-packs into 3 inch pots.

The Bok Choy and Lettuce that I planted to replace the ones that were eaten are sprouting… and the Swiss Chard that were spared are getting bigger now.

Hopefully, we’ll have a lot of greens for the Fall, Winter and Spring.

The Sweet Peas and Snap Peas are also sprouting, but I won’t plat them in the bed until they get a little bigger, since they seems to be favorites of the birds and slugs.

I potted up a succulent (I think it’s some type of Kalanchoe) that has been growing from a leaf. I’ll have to post photos later, to see if anyone can identify it.

On Sunday, I took my mom to do some grocery shopping at the Filipino store, then we stopped by the 99¢ store and I found 2 more Cactus (actually one is a Euphorbia, so technically, 1 cactus)… I’ll post photos later.

Oh, I also forgot that on Friday afternoon, I took a late lunch and walked up Filbert Steps again to shot a few photos.

Cukes and Cuttings…

Today, I was finally able to do some gardening. (It’s been getting dark outside when I get home from work)

I started the day by getting the oil changed in my car. While I was waiting, I found a whole bunch of cactus and succulents at the dollar store. I ended up buying three. ( photo )

The Snow Peas that I planted last week are doing well. I’m glad the pincher bugs or slugs didn’t get to them.

I planted more Snap Peas, because not all of the ones I planted last week germinated. I was going to plant these where the Lemon Cucumbers are, but they are still fruiting, so I need to find another place for them.

Speaking of Lemon Cucumbers, I harvest a lot today. I didn’t see a lot of them because they were hiding the leaves.

A Basket of Lemon Cucumber   Lemon Cucumber

As I was looking through the veggie beds, I decided to pull up the Gold Rush Zucchini since it was dying down and I didn’t really like the fruits. In its place, I set up some trellises and added some compost. I’ll plant the Snap Peas here once they get bigger.

Gold Rush Zucchini Texture   Coleus Cuttings

I then had the urge to plant… So I took a few Coleus cuttings, which I will overwinter for next year… Then I took more and more and ended up taking more than 30 cuttings.

Coleus Salad?