Cukes and Cuttings…

Today, I was finally able to do some gardening. (It’s been getting dark outside when I get home from work)

I started the day by getting the oil changed in my car. While I was waiting, I found a whole bunch of cactus and succulents at the dollar store. I ended up buying three. ( photo )

The Snow Peas that I planted last week are doing well. I’m glad the pincher bugs or slugs didn’t get to them.

I planted more Snap Peas, because not all of the ones I planted last week germinated. I was going to plant these where the Lemon Cucumbers are, but they are still fruiting, so I need to find another place for them.

Speaking of Lemon Cucumbers, I harvest a lot today. I didn’t see a lot of them because they were hiding the leaves.

A Basket of Lemon Cucumber   Lemon Cucumber

As I was looking through the veggie beds, I decided to pull up the Gold Rush Zucchini since it was dying down and I didn’t really like the fruits. In its place, I set up some trellises and added some compost. I’ll plant the Snap Peas here once they get bigger.

Gold Rush Zucchini Texture   Coleus Cuttings

I then had the urge to plant… So I took a few Coleus cuttings, which I will overwinter for next year… Then I took more and more and ended up taking more than 30 cuttings.

Coleus Salad?

  • Do I spy some tilt-a-whirl leaves in that scrap heap?

    I’ve rooted coleus cuttings in hanging planters, five or six to a planter. Started them about three weeks ago and they’re nicely established now. I promised the church lady across the street that I’d start some for her, too, so I’ll do that today.

    • Do I spy some tilt-a-whirl leaves

      Top left, yes, you do! :b Mine from not quite two weeks back have already rooted and look great.

      • I plan to let Fright Night and Night Skies go to that great coleus bed in the sky. Hope you’re not offended. I think I’m ready to dial back the coleus obsession a bit — I have these damned African Violets my mother gave me, taking up valuable windowsill space and then there’s the amaryllis plantation…

        Sorry I never sent you replacements for the ones I sent you last fall, but my spring fell to pieces with my mother in and out of the hospital/nursing home for six months. Home health aides are the light and the way, but I didn’t realize that then.

        • No offense taken; those two aren’t on my Top 10 list, either, but I do like them well enough to continue with ’em.

          Also, no need for replacements! – I’m already a bit flummoxed by the few varieties I don’t have proper names for.

    • Yup there’s Tile-a-Whirl and it’s baby which is all green.

      I was thinking of planting them together, but I like them separated… but now I see if I have enough space to put all these… crazy me!

      Oh… you gave me an idea… maybe I should do what you do, planting multiple in a container and take those to work.

  • Lemon cukes are very good at hiding. They’re such teasers! lol. But… you pulled up the Gold Rush Zukes? NOOOOooooooo!!! I love those! You should have just run some over to Illinois for me. haha.

    I’m currently preparing my south side enclosed porch with lots of windows for the influx of “snowbird” plants. (Here, we call the people who go to Florida for the winter to escape the cold “snowbirds.”) I hate picking and choosing what I can save and what I can’t, but… c’est la vie.

    • Yeah… I did… Zukes don’t do well in our garden for some reason… I don’t think we have enough light for them. Maybe I’ll plant them in the front yard next year…

      I hate picking too… but I think I’m going to save all my Coleus… hehe… I’m crazy!

  • ended up taking more than 30 cuttings

    Welcome to MY world, Joey. ;)

    • I have greenhouse-space envy!

      • I have greenhouse-space envy too!!!!… I thought my next door neighbor’s house would be my answer… but that didn’t work out…

    • I thought it was fun… but if I had to do it for work… day by day… I think I wouldn’t think it was that fun anymore…

  • P.S. Looks like some psychedelic mesclun mix. Mescaline mix, perhaps?

    • I just happened to stumble on a web page last week saying how Coleus were sometimes smoked to get a psychedelic high… or something like that… but someone responded that a certain salvia worked better than Coleus…

  • What’s the easiest/best way to do coleus cuttings, in your experience?

  • That last image of all the coleus cutting is GORGEOUS!

    • Thanks… you can really see the variations of Coleus when their leaves are grouped together…

  • Mmmm, I love lemon cucumbers. Haven’t had any in a couple of years, though!

    I love that last photo of the mass of coleus cuttings. What a wonderful mix of colors! If we ever meet up in person I’ll be hitting you up for plants!

  • ID on your succulent


    My name is Mike and I found your lj after stumbling upon the forum. I hope your fallen jade has callused over well. Anyways, your dollar store succulents look nice and healthy. If you are still ID-ing them, I know the bottom left is the “Echeveria Elegans”. The one I have behaves very well.