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  • I think you made a good choice, the guy was obviously trying to dig into YOUR pockets for an extra 50 grand.. what a jerk!

    • Yeah!… and he was saying that I was digging into his pockets!…

  • Good for you. His email is inappropriate. This could have been a business transaction had he been business like, instead he is now a classic example of one hoisted on his own petard.

    Maybe you’ll get the house yet, it’s a buyer’s market.

    • My good friend who was my lender told me the same thing… that his emails are inappropriate… plus he was telling me things that we don’t believe were true…

      Despite all this, I still hope that he will lower the price and sell to me if he does sell the house…

      • Of course. Can you have someone place bid for you if the price is lowered? Perhaps a realator of your own? That guy sounds such a creep, it might be best to not deal directly with him.

  • What does he care why you want the house? Sounds like a thick-headed guy who’s in for a rude awakening about houses, markets, and selling.

    • I think he was just trying to take a stab at me… because he knows very well that I wanted the house for many reasons: to have my own place (instead of a tiny bedroom), to increase our families garden area and for tax and investment.

  • Hmm, I keep thinking, if I had to deal with him I’l probably respond, “Ok. I’ll pay your asking price on the condition we do seller financing at $750/month at no higher than prime.” But I’d want to say that in person.

    He does sound like a character.