Bel Air Coleus

On Sunday, my friend Darwin and I went to his relatives in Roseville, CA for his niece’s birthday party. They ran out of soda, so we drove to a nearby Bel Air market to get some. Right when we get in, I saw some Coleus that they were selling as house plants. The label read “Topical Foliage”… How generic can you get! Darwin graciously bought it for me :)

Unknown Coleus from Bel Air

  • that’s quite a pretty coleus you have there!

    Yeah, I get aggravated when I’m in a garden center and see something I like and all they do is label it as “tropical plant” or “houseplant”.

    • I agree with you! I even get bothered when a tag says “Coleus”… although I guess that is better than “Tropical Plant” :)