Sunset Magazine

My Mom just got an offer in the mail to get Sunset Magazine (12 issues/year) for $12 and she asked if we should get it… I told her a big “Yup”… The End…

Weekend Gardening

I transplanted more Snap Peas and covered these to keep the bird from them.

It was overcast and cooler… Felt very much like a Fall day…

I potted up my recent dollar store Cactus and Succulents buys.

Potted Dollar Store Cactus and Succulents

I felt like doing more, so I decided to divide my Carex plant that I grew from found seeds into 4 pots.

Carex Plant   More Carex Plants

I then realized, maybe I should have waited and divided this in the spring… but I’m sure they’ll be ok… They’re pretty tough plants.


I checked the Peas that my Mom saw the bird eating yesterday and they looked like they were bald. I hope they will recover… My Mom but some netting around it, but I think I’ll go to the store and get the thinning netting for gardens.

I thought I was going to do more gardening, but there was not much to do. So I moved a few things around and watered a bit.

I also took a photo inventory of most of our Succulents and Cactus… I didn’t realize how much we had. I don’t even think I got everything…

Here are photos of four more additions that I purchased recently from the dollar store

Dollar Store Succulents   More Dollar Store Succulents

I’m pretty sure the tall white one is Variegated Indian Corn Cob (Euphorbia mammillaris var. variegata), but I don’t know what the others are.

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“Collection of Coleus”

I just saw the TV guide and today’s episode of Gardening by the Yard is entitled “Collection of Coleus“… You know I’m TiVo’ing it!

Here on the Pacific coast (DirecTV), it’s on at 8:30am on HGTV.

2 More New Succulents + The Birds

I bought two more succulents from the dollar store. One’s a columnar cactus with four sides. The other is a Echeveria/Aeonium-type with greenish/blue/gray diamond/spoon shaped leaves. (How’s that for a description?). I’ll have to take a photos of my four new succulents I got this week and see if anyone can identify them.

When I got home, my Mom tattled-taled on the birds and told me that she saw them eating my Peas leaves!!!! Damn-it!!!!… I haven’t seen the Peas yet, but I’ll take a look tomorrow… Hopefully, they are okay and can rebound… I think I need to get a net to keep those birds out.

New Camera and a Butterfly…

I discovered that my Canon PowerShot A610 camera ( photo ) was recently replaced with a newer camera with higher megapixels and a larger LCD screen… so I made an impulse buy on Friday and bought a Canon PowerShot A640 ( photo ). I received the package today and started using it.

I gave my older camera to my nephew JR for his birthday today. He’s using it now at a concert he and his friends are going to.

Here is one of the first photos taken with my new camera.

West Coast Lady Butterfly on Marigold

I had a tough time trying to photograph this butterfly. It would not sit still and everytime I approached it, it fly away… but eventually came back.

I’m not exactly sure what type of butterfly it is, but I just noticed it today for the first time this year.

Weekend Gardening

I thought I would be doing a lot of gardening this weekend, but there was actually not much to do. Surprisingly, the weather was warm… even after the rains we got mid-week.

I transfered about 18 Spinach seedlings from 2 six-packs into 3 inch pots.

The Bok Choy and Lettuce that I planted to replace the ones that were eaten are sprouting… and the Swiss Chard that were spared are getting bigger now.

Hopefully, we’ll have a lot of greens for the Fall, Winter and Spring.

The Sweet Peas and Snap Peas are also sprouting, but I won’t plat them in the bed until they get a little bigger, since they seems to be favorites of the birds and slugs.

I potted up a succulent (I think it’s some type of Kalanchoe) that has been growing from a leaf. I’ll have to post photos later, to see if anyone can identify it.

On Sunday, I took my mom to do some grocery shopping at the Filipino store, then we stopped by the 99ยข store and I found 2 more Cactus (actually one is a Euphorbia, so technically, 1 cactus)… I’ll post photos later.

Oh, I also forgot that on Friday afternoon, I took a late lunch and walked up Filbert Steps again to shot a few photos.