Weekend Gardening

I transplanted more Snap Peas and covered these to keep the bird from them.

It was overcast and cooler… Felt very much like a Fall day…

I potted up my recent dollar store Cactus and Succulents buys.

Potted Dollar Store Cactus and Succulents

I felt like doing more, so I decided to divide my Carex plant that I grew from found seeds into 4 pots.

Carex Plant   More Carex Plants

I then realized, maybe I should have waited and divided this in the spring… but I’m sure they’ll be ok… They’re pretty tough plants.

Mo Pots…

I potted up some Coleus pots this evening.

In one (first photo) I planted ‘Peter Wonder‘, ‘Splash‘, and an Unnamed Burgundy. Between the three, I placed the Lamium ( photo ) that I rooted.

Coleus Pot #21 Coleus Pot #22

In the second (second photo) I planted ‘Dappled Apple‘, ‘Kiwi Apple‘, and half a 4″ pot of Red Fountain Grass. I also placed Lamium between the plants.

I used the other half of the Red Fountain Grass to fill out some of the empty spaces in an existing pot of ‘Amora‘ that was a little leggy and didn’t look so good.

Coleus Pot #17

Great Quaking Seedheads

The Great Quaking Ornamental Grass I planted from seeds have produced seedheads

Great Quaking Seedheads   Great Quaking Seedheads

Peppers + Succulents

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Before I left for work, I did something really stupid… I picked up the mini-greenhouse with the Columbine seeds by the plastic cover… and the bottom part fell off. Vermiculite and Columbine seeds was scattered all over. I tried to scoop all that I can, but they are now all mixed up. Luckily, this wasn’t the mini-greenhouse with the seeds that lblanchard gave me. Those are all fine.

After work, I gave the Tri-Color Variegata Pepper that I dug up last year and overwintered some TLC. It has started to grow more leaves and a few flowers. I left all the peppers on the plant when I dug it up and they dried up. Some apparently dispersed some seeds, because there was baby Pepper plants at the Mom’s base. I dug these up and potted them up.

Tri-Color Variegata Pepper   Tri-Color Variegata Pepper Seedlings

I also trimmed the dead branches and collected the dried peppers. If any of you want some, drop me a line and I can send you some.

I repotted two of the ornamental grasses (Carex sp. + Blue Fescue ) ( photo ) that I grew from seeds into one-gallon containers.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Mom has been telling me that the 99¢ grafted Cactus that I bought on Saturday has, been in full bloom. Whenever I take a look all the flowers are closed. Today, I woke up late and I finally got to see the open flowers during daylight.

Blooming Grafted Cactus

My Euphorbia obesa ( photo ) and Pink Echevaria ( photo ) now have flower buds and should be flowering soon.

After work, I passed by Home Depot and found two succulent leaves ( photo ) on the floor, so I had to save them. I’m not quite sure want plants they are, but I’m going to see if they will grow.

3 Ornamental Grass Plantings

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I planted three of the Ornamental Grasses seeds that I found:
– Purple Fountain Grass (from Costco) ( seed photo )
– Unknown California Rush-like Grass (from shopping center on Mini Dr. & Sonoma Blvd.) ( seed photo )
– Unknown Japanese Rush-like Grass ( from Sears parking lot at the Tanforan Mall in Daly City) ( seed photo )

I also cut down my Coleus ‘Dragon Black’ because it was getting too top heavy and infested with mealy bugs. I’m rerooting the two tops it had in water and will repot once I see roots.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

I wanted to take the day off but my boss already took the day off, so I went to work and it was so dead. I spent a good part of the day going through some of my unorganized photos, deleting duplicates and blurry ones… I usually take multiple shot per subject to ensure at least one being focused correctly.

Once I got home, I went through the whole garden and took a whole lotta photos since it was still fairly bright outside. I noticed that the flamingo flower and siberian iris have started to bloom.

I then did some maintenance, pulling up weeds and overgrown plants being careful to to get the newly emerged ladybugs.

I hope I can take half a day off tomorrow so I can start preparing my bed for new borders-not a task I’m looking forward to doing, but something I really need to do so I can start planting in them.

Miscalculations + New Tricks

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well, so I called in sick for work and pretty much stayed in bed all day. I didn’t check email nor checked up on the plants outside.

This morning I noticed that some of the ornamental grasses were wilting a bit, but gave them plenty of water before I left for work.

After work, I checked the Coleus that I potted up and I wasn’t too happy. Some of them got too much sun and were also wilting or had sun damage on their foliage. None (I dont’ think) were at the point of dying, but some are not doing well :( I thought the spot under the persimmon tree would provide enough shade, but apparently I was wrong, so I move some of them to the front patio and some under the pear tree which has a lot of shade. I hope they will all recover…

Also after work, I took Calli out for a bit, again in the front yard and back. I tried something new. I unleashed her in the back yard to see how she does without a chain… and surprisingly she was well behaved. I blocked off some areas–like behind the storage–and she didn’t try to cross over my road blocks. She also stayed on the paved areas and did not trample on any plants! So, good Calli!!!

She’s not that good at coming to me when I call her, though, but I gave her a little treat when she did or gave her a good pat, and she responded well. I think she will learn to come when I call… Who says you can’t teach a old dog new tricks? I was also happy that she did not run away when I came to get her or held her collar.

The ultimate test will be when we go over to the new dog park when it opens. She hasn’t interacted much with other dogs or ridden in a car regularly… so we’ll see…

Weekend Gardening (A Little Bit of Everything)

Friday the first really nice day that we had in a while. It was actually warm and there was no rain… so I took out all the cuttings and seedlings from my room and placed them outside in the front porch. Everybody OUT!!! Unfortunately, it was chilly again on Saturday and Sunday, so they didn’t get to come back out.

Everybody OUT!!!

We have several plants blooming outside, including our first Roses. I several photos of the Rose blooms, unfortunately, I forgot to turn the macro setting and almost all those photos came out blurry. Here are some of my Mom’s White Bank Rose and Clematis in our back patio.

First Rose Blooms of the Year   Clematis Blooms

On Friday, my Mom and I went to Costco, and they were selling Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum ‘Cupreum’)… Hmmm? Everywhere I go, it seems that seeds start breaking off. Knowing me, I had to save them.

Purple Fountain Grass Photo

More (Found) Ornamental Grass Seeds

I’m not sure what type of ornamental grass these are. Both were found at the shopping center on Mini Dr. & Sonoma Blvd. (Vallejo, CA)

Found Ornamental Grass Seeds   Found Ornamental Grass Seeds

The first one is possible some type of Fountain Grass?

The second has upright blades with these seeds sticking out mid-stem. Possibly a Rush?

[I spy a spider]